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2 Benefits of Becoming a Singapore PR as an Artist

The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts), which is jointly administered by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the National Arts Council (NAC) that came into effect in 1991, is an immigration route that allows foreign artists to come to Singapore and apply for permanent residence. This scheme purposely paves the way for foreigners to progress their artistic careers while also contributing to and promoting the arts and cultural landscape in Singapore.

Applicants for this scheme are required to fulfil the criteria below:

  • Acquired relevant training or education in their area of specialisation
  • Acquired relevant professional experience and proven track record in the field of literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, design, and media
  • Have imparted a significant contribution to the arts and cultural scene in Singapore
  • Are committed to becoming a part of the arts and cultural sector of Singapore in the future

In addition, you should be able to demonstrate good qualities and values as well as to inspire others in your industry. 

The benefits that we will be discussing are not only for Permanent Residents. They can also be granted to Singapore citizens. However, the process of getting citizenship status is tedious. That is why you need help from a PR application agency to assist you with your Singapore citizen application.

Meanwhile, if your PR application is approved through this scheme, then this article will give you insights into the benefits that are offered by the NAC to local artists in the country. These are:

1. Creation Grant

A creation grant is a funding mechanism for artists who are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents and have been actively contributing to the arts scene to produce performing, visual, literary, digital, and multi-disciplinary art forms. It is a way for the arts community to support the creation, adaptation, and re-development of distinctive artistic content.

The creation grant is capped at $50,000 for a maximum of 18 months which covers direct expenses of the creation and developmental process in either one of the following conditions:

  • The creation of original new works; or
  • The adaptation of existing works across artistic disciplines (e.g. from book to theatrical), or across other media to the arts (e.g. from film to play with priority given to the adaptation of Singapore content; or
  • Translation of Singapore works by authors of established literary merit into any of Singapore’s official languages. 
  • Usage of digital technology as part of their creation process and/or as a platform to exhibit its mini-showcase.

2. Presentation and Participation Grant

The purpose of the grant is to help support the presentation and production costs of artistic projects that are being created for the local arts scene. It helps to improve the appreciation for and participation in the arts scene in the country.

The funding cap you will receive will vary on the type of project you plan to perform and the category which you fall – an artist, an arts organisation, or collectives that supports:

  • Music EP
  • Publishing
  • Exhibition/Performance
  • Festivals/Conferences


Being a Singapore PR as an Artist means that you can live, work, and study in Singapore while pursuing your career goals. The above-mentioned government grants are a great help for you to showcase your talent at the same time promoting the arts and cultural sector of Singapore.

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