5 Reasons You Should Apply Singapore PR for Your Parents

5 Reasons You Should Apply Singapore PR for Your Parents

Singapore is one of the best places to live, which is no secret. A regular stream of persons looking to apply PR is drawn to it by its stable government, enviable economic climate, universal healthcare system, and appropriate infrastructure.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages your parents would enjoy as permanent residents of Lion City if you apply Singapore citizen and want to seek permanent resident status for them.

1. Guaranteed Public Safety and Security

Internationally, Singapore is well-known for being among the safest nations on the planet. Singapore ranked seventh out of 163 nations for its level of security and peace in the 2019 Global Peace Index, which was issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy were among the developed countries where the research placed lower than the Lion City. Only New Zealand ranked higher than Singapore in the Asia-Pacific area.


2. Access to subsidies for quality healthcare services

Singapore is well known for its top-notch healthcare industry. However, the cost of its healthcare services is high. The Singaporean government has made a number of subsidies and programs available to the general public in order to guarantee that its inhabitants may get high-quality medical care without going broke.

Unfortunately, only Singaporeans and permanent residents are eligible for these subsidies. Therefore, you should assist your parents with their PR applications right away if you want them to receive the same perks. Your parents will have access to Medisave and Medishield Life, among other medical programs.

3. Access to Central Provident Plan (CPF)

Enrolling in CPF entails making a minimum monthly contribution to your pension fund on behalf of both you and your employer. These funds offer a variety of plans for healthcare, home ownership, family protection, and other long-term asset growth strategies to increase your contributions and assets. By doing this, you make sure you have enough assets to support yourself after retirement.

4. Opportunity for Lifelong Learning as Elderly Singapore PRs

While the majority of people intend to retire once they reach their golden years, some elderly people in Singapore continue to work well past the traditional retirement age.

Data from the Manpower Research and Statistics Department of the Ministry of Manpower’s annual report, The Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release 2018, show that the employment rate for people 65 and above climbed from 25.8% in June 2017 to 26.8% in June 2018. Although the retirement age in this country is presently 62, firms are required to offer eligible workers re-employment opportunities up until the age of 67.

5. Elderly-friendly environment

The population of Singapore is aging. The Singaporean government is attempting to create a more senior-friendly atmosphere for its citizens in light of this issue. These initiatives make sure Singaporeans can live comfortably and securely throughout their entire lives.

The government has implemented a number of programs, including the Enhancement for Active Seniors program (EASE). With the help of this initiative, Singaporeans can affordably make their homes better suited to the needs of the elderly. If you are a Singaporean citizen and you live with an elderly person, you may be eligible for this program.


How can you file a Singapore PR application if you’re interested? Once you have been employed for at least six months with a valid employment visa, you may begin such an application. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your chances of having your application granted to increase the longer you work for a Singaporean company.

It is therefore advised to work for at least a year before thinking about making a permanent residency application.

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