About Us

We are a Singapore-based immigration consultancy firm, with highly skilled professionals of more than 8 years’ experience in the industry.

Singapore Top Immigration is specially established to provide professional immigration services that tailored to varied individuals, who aspire to be a Singapore PR or Singapore Citizen.

Singapore is a multi-cultural and diversified country. Thus, it’s crucial to engage the right partner to plan and custom-made your PR application, so that it caters towards your unique profile to ensure you stay at the competitive edge against the rest of the applicants. At Singapore Top Immigration, we have a committed team of professional consultants with vast experience and knowledge in immigration policies.

We have a diversified clientele from all around the globe ranging from expatriates, working professionals, overseas workers, entrepreneurs or investors that engaged us for our services. Every of our client’s profile is different. Therefore, we believe in handling every case confidently with confidentiality and sincerity.

At Singapore Top Immigration, we don’t rely on marketing and advertising publicity stunts like 96% or 98% success rate to get clients drawn to us. Instead, we endeavor and strive to build significant trust and confidence in our clients with our unparalleled bespoke professional services.

Land on the Right Track, with the Right Platform, you will get the Proven Results

Our Mission

We want to be your most trusted partner in helping to you achieve your first milestone towards grounding your feet in Singapore, together with your great contributions for the nations.

At Singapore Top Immigration, our objective is to help our friends like you, who wish to make Singapore your permanent home, to go through the hassle with ease.

Our team of highly experienced consultants will go through the processes with you that cover every steps of the application which include documentation, representation and submission of the application forms.

If your applications have previously been rejected, and do not know what or how to proceed, share with us your sorrows and frustrations. We will do our best to help you towards realizing your dreams. We understand it is daunting and demoralizing having to attempt so many appeals.

We believe real business and partnership is built with the pillars of experience and integrity. We will guide you towards a clear understanding of ICA’s vetting process through consultations and hold your hand to the path of a higher approval success of your Singapore PR application.

Stand out from the rest of the applicants with the help of Singapore Top Immigration’s Team!

“Live out your dreams and chase unique opportunities. Navigate to our contact page for advice and guidance on the Singapore PR process, Citizenship application, and Appeal services.”

Singapore PR process, Citizenship application, and Appeal services

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