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Advantages of Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Pass: A Comprehensive Comparison

In Singapore, where opportunities abound for global travel and business expansion, the Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Pass stands out as a versatile option.

This pass not only simplifies international journeys but also opens doors to various benefits, making it an attractive choice for those considering Singapore citizenship application, PR application, or simply exploring overseas opportunities. 

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into the advantages of the ONE Pass and explore how it differs from other work passes in Singapore.

6 Benefits of ONE Pass:

  • Empowerment to Establish Singaporean Ventures
    • ONE Pass holders enjoy a distinct privilege – the ability to initiate and manage multiple enterprises in Singapore concurrently, subject to specific conditions. This sets it apart from the Tech Pass, which caters exclusively to tech professionals.

    • The ONE Pass extends its welcome to eligible candidates from all sectors, promoting a diverse entrepreneurial landscape.

  • Versatile Employment Opportunities
    • Flexibility forms the cornerstone of the ONE Pass. Eligible applicants can concurrently work for multiple companies without the need to reapply for a new pass when transitioning between employers.

    • This flexible approach is designed to inspire talented individuals to explore diverse opportunities, contributing significantly to Singapore’s progress.

  • Extended Validity Period
    • In contrast to the previous norm of work visas lasting for up to two years before renewal, the ONE Pass introduces a substantial shift.

    • It provides an extended validity period of five years, with the option for renewal for an additional five years. This prolonged duration provides enhanced stability for long-term international pursuits.

  • Exemption from the COMPASS Eligibility System
    • Commencing from September 2023, all Employment Pass (EP) holders must navigate the rigorous COMPASS point-based eligibility system.

    • However, ONE Pass applicants enjoy an exemption from this system, making the process more accessible and streamlined.

  • Job Opportunities for Spouses in Singapore
    • Spouses married to ONE Pass holders are granted the valuable privilege of working freely in Singapore, supported by a valid Letter of Consent (LOC). This additional benefit empowers family members to develop their careers while residing in Singapore.

  • Inclusive Rights to Accommodate Eligible Family Members
    • ONE Pass holders who wish to accompany specific family members may do so, provided that these family members hold a valid Dependant Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass. This inclusive feature augments the appeal of the ONE Pass for those seeking to maintain family unity while pursuing international opportunities.

advantages of overseas networks & expertise pass

Qualification Requirements for the ONE Pass Outstanding Achievements Pathway

Apart from the standard application route, foreign talents with high levels of achievement in fields such as arts, sports, research, and academia can obtain the ONE Pass through the Outstanding Achievements route. While criteria are assessed on a case-by-case basis, here are some potential examples:

  • Arts and Culture: Individuals who have received esteemed regional or international recognition for their outstanding achievements in artistic pursuits.

  • Sports: Athletes, coaches, managers, and related professionals with a proven track record of excellence in athletic competitions.

  • Research and Academia: Individuals who have made impactful contributions to their respective fields, demonstrated through published scientific work, peer-reviewed research, or international recognition of their achievements.

How Does ONE Pass Stand Apart From Other Work Passes in Singapore?

Let’s gain a clearer perspective by examining how the ONE Pass distinguishes itself from other work passes available in Singapore. Below, we’ll highlight the key distinctions:

ONE Pass

  • Validity Period: 5 years

  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: At least S$30,000 monthly or a fixed monthly salary of S$30,000 with an established company in Singapore.

  • Renewal Period: 5 years

  • Target Applicants: High-level executives with a year of experience or professionals with achievements in arts, culture, technology, academia, and research.

  • Scope of Entitlements: Can engage with multiple companies in Singapore simultaneously.

EP (Employment Pass)

  • Validity Period: 2 or 5 years (with 5 years available for skilled tech experts from September 2023)

  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: At least S$5,000 monthly salary (higher for older applicants).

  • Renewal Period: 3 years

  • Target Applicants: Foreigners with job offers in Singapore, including professionals, executives, and managers.

  • Scope of Entitlements: Restricted to a single employer; requires reapplication for job changes.

PEP (Personalised Employment Pass)

  • Validity Period: 3 years

  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: At least S$12,000 monthly for current EP holders.

  • Renewal Period: Not renewable.

  • Target Applicants: EP holders or overseas foreign professionals.

  • Scope of Entitlements: Allows working for multiple employers without reapplication; offers flexibility to find work in Singapore for up to 6 months.


  • Validity Period: 1 year

  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: Monthly salary for overseas candidates is at least S$18,000 (set to increase to S$22,500 from September 2023).

  • Renewal Period: 2 years

  • Target Applicants: Foreign entrepreneurs who own a private limited company in Singapore, backed by private equity investors or involved in pioneering technologies.

  • Scope of Entitlements: Allows running only one company focused on private equity or innovative technologies.

Tech Pass

  • Validity Period: 2 years

  • Minimum Monthly Salary Requirement: No minimum salary requirement.

  • Renewal Period: 2 years

  • Target Applicants: Tech professionals and experts.

  • Scope of Entitlements: Permits operation or employment in multiple tech companies.

By understanding these distinctions, you can better determine which work pass suits your specific requirements when considering opportunities in Singapore.


The Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Pass shines brightly on the landscape of work passes in Singapore. Its unmatched flexibility, extended validity, and exemption from certain eligibility systems make it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses aiming to harness international opportunities. 

Whether you’re an executive, a professional, or a high-achiever in your field, the ONE Pass paves the way for your journey to success in Singapore.

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