How To Appeal For Singapore PR Application Rejection

How to Appeal for Singapore PR Application Rejection

Is it possible to appeal after getting rejected for your Singapore PR application?  

Yes, you can. 

If your Singapore Permanent Residency application was rejected, you are recommended to submit an appeal to ICA within months from the day your PR application Singapore was denied (despite the PR appeal window period being up to 6 months). 

It is usually preferable to cite pertinent supporting documentation to back up your claims in your appeal letter when submitting a request for reconsideration of your application for permanent residency. We only highly recommend applicants to appeal provided that they have changes in their circumstances/ profiles.  

Better yet, ask the expert for the right guidance of your Singapore PR application. With more than 7 years of Singapore Immigration knowledge, you will be in good hands.  

What options do you have if your Singapore PR application is rejected? 

Option 1: 

You can submit an appeal stating on the truth fact why ICA should grant you your PR status after rejecting your application. You have six months from the date stated on your rejection letter from the ICA to lodge this appeal. 

An appeal has the benefit of saving time and administrative costs compared to submit for a new application. 

–        Shorter waiting time.  You don’t have to wait out 6 months for ICA to reply on your appeal outcome 

–        You don’t have to pay the online application administration fees again 

Option 2: 

After six months have passed from the date you received your rejection letter from ICA, you will have to submit a fresh new application as you have passed the appeal time frame.  

There are allocated PR Quotas each year. Therefore, it would be wise to think carefully what’s your next steps before submitting an appeal for your Singapore PR application. Let the Singapore PR application agency guide you the correct way you should go. 

If you’re thinking of appealing, learn these steps to help improve your application. 

How to appeal a Singapore PR Application Rejection 

Step 1: Review the initial PR application form that you provided. Check it over carefully for any errors. You should also go over it to see if there are any places where your description could have been more precise or thorough. You can address and expand on these in your appeal. 

Step 2: Consider all your merits in terms of your accomplishments or contributions in Singapore in your professional life, social life, or other areas. You should consider the things that would show your dedication to Singapore and your capacity for sustained contribution. If you have special (and advantageous) abilities or knowledge, you could further elaborate on this in your application. 

Step 3: Take into account any proof you need to provide backup/ proof/ documentation on those claims in your appeal application. These records ought to be pertinent to the investigation by the authorities (in consideration of the time and effort they take per case). 

Step 4: Draft your appeal letter, based on the important ideas and records you had already selected. Your letter should be concise, and straightforward, and include information where necessary to ensure clarity. Because ICA evaluates you holistically, you need also to be thorough in your information. 

In the letter of appeal, be sure to include your reference ID (refer back to your submitted application). 

Step 5: Proofread your appeal. The most crucial thing is to make sure the ideas you wish to express are obvious, before checking for grammar and spelling errors.  

Step 6: Review your appeal package (letter and accompanying documents) before sending it by email or regular mail to ICA. 

Step 7: You may e-mail in your appeal materials to ICA officer. Appeal only can be done through sending an email.  

The length of time it takes to process a PR appeal varies from case to case. Generally, you can anticipate a wait time of 4 to 6 months, which is comparable to the ICA’s application processing time. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to process an application. 

As a Singapore PR Agency, we offer services to construct your appeal package with specialized guidance and support should you require assistance. 

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