pr application appeal

Appeal your Rejection or Reapply?

A PR application could be rejected due to various reasons such as failure to meet eligibility requirements, failure to provide the right documents, failure to write a complete and consistent detail in the form, unclear scanned copies of documents, missed deadlines, criminality, health, and others. But before you decide whether to appeal your rejection or reapply for PR, you have to consider two factors: (1) an appeal must be done within 6 months of the date listed on your rejection letter, and (2)  reapplication attempt is only allowed after a 6 months cooldown period. These two are technically different and each should be clearly understood in order for you to choose which action best suits the situation.

Who Is Eligible for the Appeal?

  • Applicants who need to update their credentials due to the drastic change in circumstance since the time of their original application.
  • Applicants who missed to include any substantial accomplishments or contributions in their original application.

Who Should Reapply for PR?

You can reapply countless times if you still wish to make Singapore your new home. The waiting period of 6 months provides ample time for you to fulfill the required criteria. This is somehow an advantage since you don’t have to cram yourself to submit again within the time frame given.

The Next Thing To Do After PR Application Rejection

After learning the above, what should be your next move? There’s no limit on how many times you can reapply for a Permanent Residency. Even the perfectly eligible candidates get refused every year, so if you don’t get your PR status on the first attempt, you might eventually succeed in time.

1. Determine Where You Fell Short

The first step towards having a stronger application is to find out why you previously rejected it and avoid doing the same mistakes again. Your entire application is calculated based on 5 sets of criteria, namely:

  • Education and vocational certifications
  • Historical and current employment
  • Duration of stay
  • Economic contributions
  • Existing family ties

2. Record Any Significant Changes

Do something new and progressive in your life to stand out in your reapplication. Without changes to either the application or your credentials, you are likely to waste another time, effort, and money. Ensure a promotion in your current employment or run a business of your own.

3. Be Eager to Supply More Information

Providing more information even beyond the list of requirements for Singapore permanent residency will increase your success rate. Answer confidently even if they ask for more clarifications on your financial or family background. Be ready to bring all the necessary documents with you.

Bear in mind that submission of appeal or reapplication should not be taken lightly because another rejection will decrease your chances for the grant. Don’t be in a rush! Adhere to the guidelines and assess whether you’re eligible for appeal or reapplication. Consider the above tips rather than take a risk of receiving yet another rejection.

Check Your PR Eligibility