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4 Compelling Reasons Why Your Parents Should Apply for Singapore PR

Considering the Singapore PR application for your elderly parents in their retirement years? 

In this guide, we’ll explore why a granted PR is crucial for your parents, offering programme benefits like improved healthcare, eldercare services, financial assistance, housing options, and a life-long learning adventure. 

Let’s delve into the details and understand why your parents need to apply for PR in Lion City.

If you seek to check if they’re eligible to apply or what their chance for a PR grant is, our reliable specialists can help. You may contact Singapore PR Application Agency in the application process. 

Apply Singapore PR

One of the key advantages of becoming a Singapore PR  is the assurance of permanence it provides for your parents. Unlike alternative options such as short-stay visas or the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP), PR status offers the opportunity for long-term residency in Singapore. 

By securing permanent residence status, your parents can establish Singapore as their permanent home and enjoy the associated benefits and privileges.

Parents Apply for SG PR

Comparison with Alternative Schemes

Option 1: Sponsoring Your Parents’ Short Stay as Visitors

Consider the drawbacks of having your parents stay in Singapore on a short-stay basis. While some countries allow visa-free entry for up to 90 days, constantly renewing visas can be physically and financially challenging, particularly as your parents age.

Juggling caregiving responsibilities with work commitments becomes increasingly difficult. In contrast, Singapore’s PR status provides your parents with stability and security, allowing them to reside in the Little Red Dot for as long as they wish.

Option 2: The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP)

The LTVP is an option for parents of Singaporeans or PRs to stay in Singapore for longer periods, but it has limitations. 

The pass is valid for a maximum of two years and requires meticulous planning for renewal, involving multiple government entities and a processing time of up to two months. 

Compared to the permanence offered by permanent residency, relying on the LTVP can be inconvenient and burdensome in the long term.

Why Should Your Parents Apply for Singapore PR?

#1 Subsidised Rates for Hospitalisation and Elder Care

As a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), you and your family members can benefit from subsidised rates for hospitalisation at public healthcare institutions.

You will pay significantly lower fees for medical treatments, surgeries, consultations, and medication compared to foreign nationals or non-residents. 

In addition to that, Singapore provides various elder care services to support its ageing population. 

As a PR, your parents would have access to these services, which may include nursing homes, home-based care, and elder day care centres, depending on their needs.

To name a few: Subsidies for Specialist Outpatient Clinic Care at Public Healthcare Institutions and the Standard Drug List (SDL) subsidies for drugs used to treat common medical conditions. Both offer 25% subsidies for elderly PR.

Furthermore, Singapore offers the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund, which serves as vital support for caregivers in their efforts to care for seniors in the comfort of their own homes. 

This fund provides subsidies to help offset the expenses related to acquiring assistive devices and home healthcare items. 

By offering financial assistance, the fund aims to enhance the quality of care provided to elderly individuals, allowing them to maintain independence and well-being within their familiar surroundings.

#2 Enhanced Assistance for Caregivers of Elderly Singapore PRs

Decreased Domestic Worker Levy: Alleviating the Financial Concerns

One significant advantage of obtaining a Singapore Permanent Residency is the reduced domestic worker fee, which eases the financial burden for caregivers of elderly parents. 

Based on their health conditions, when they turn 65, they have the option to hire a domestic worker at discounted rates. 

These caregivers will also receive appropriate training to look after their loved ones. Unlike if they are on an LTVP, you would be required to pay the full monthly fee of $265.

Greater Flexibility with Medisave: Ensuring Health Security

Assisting your loved ones in becoming Singapore Permanent Residents brings valuable advantages, including enhanced access to Medisave. 

Medisave, an essential component of the Central Provident Fund, serves as a robust savings system that helps Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents prepare for medical emergencies by setting aside a portion of their income to cover hospitalisation expenses.

By becoming a permanent resident, your parents can establish a dedicated fund to address hospitalisation charges, irrespective of their current passes. 

Moreover, if you are unable to provide support, your employed children aged 21 or above can contribute to their Medisave balance, offering an added layer of protection for their future.

#3 Expanded Shelter Opportunities: Housing Choices for Multi-Generational Families

Proximity Housing Grant: Strengthening Family Bonds

By attaining permanent resident status for your parents, your immediate family members can reap the benefits of the Housing Development Board’s (HDB) Proximity Housing Grant. 

This scheme, which grants $20,000 per family, is open to any family with at least one PR parent. It promotes the values of filial piety by offering incentives to families who reside together or within a four-kilometre radius.

Senior Priority Scheme: Independent Living with Support

Being a PR, your parents can take advantage of the Senior Priority Scheme, which allocates a minimum of 20% of the 40% quota of 2-room Flexi flats in HDB residential developments exclusively for eligible elderly residents.

This scheme offers an ideal housing solution for ageing parents who desire their own living space while remaining in close proximity to their family’s home, accommodating their preferences while ensuring convenient access to your support and care.

#4 Access to Lifelong Learning Courses: Nurturing Active Minds

Elderly Permanent Residents have enhanced access to lifelong learning courses, empowering them to keep their minds active and engaged during their silver years.

SkillsFuture: Expanding Knowledge and Skills

As a permanent resident, your parents would gain access to SkillsFuture, an initiative by the government that grants Singapore Citizens and PRs an initial $500 SkillsFuture credit upon activation. 

They can utilise this credit to choose from a diverse range of approved courses, covering fields such as language, IT, fashion, and the arts. 

These courses vary in duration and format, ranging from single-session classes to multi-class programmes. 

Additionally, the government occasionally adds more credits to their SkillsFuture accounts, providing further learning opportunities.

National Silver Academy: Tailored Education for Seniors

Senior PRs have the privilege of exploring courses tailored specifically for them at the National Silver Academy, in addition to those listed on SkillsFuture. 

This academy collaborates with educational institutions to offer courses that cater to the unique needs of seniors. 

Many of these programmes do not require examinations, allowing seniors to learn at their own pace without the stress of tests. 

However, for those who prefer exam-inclusive courses, such options are also available. These courses are designed to be affordable, with fees typically capped to encourage seniors to enrol.


In conclusion, choosing to become Singapore PRs can significantly enhance the lives of your parents. 

The permanence of residency, coupled with healthcare benefits, old age care services, financial support, housing options, and elderly-friendly environment, make Singapore PR status an appealing choice. 

By prioritising your parents’ application for Singapore PR, you pave the way for a better future for them and yourself as their caregiver. 

So, consider the advantages presented in this article and explore the process of helping your parents become Singapore PRs—a decision that can positively impact their future and yours. Reach us today!

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