Renouncing Citizenship

FAQs in Renouncing Singapore Citizenship

Renouncing your citizenship means losing all the benefits you have from the country. If you have to pursue the renunciation after a careful study, the following may provide answers to your queries:

Can I renounce my Singapore Citizenship?

Yes. As long as you are 21 years old, of sound mind, and have acquired the citizenship of another country.

What are the requirements for renunciation?

You will need to complete the Renunciation Form as well as other documents required and submit them in-person to a Singapore Overseas Mission, the ICA building, or by post to the ICA.

How much does it cost?

It will cost you S$35. The modes of payment are: money order, cheque, or bank draft drawn from any local Singapore bank made payable to ICA Commissioner.

For payment at ICA Building, it can be done using: NETS or NETS FlashPay, Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card, Apple Pay/ Google Pay/ Samsung Pay, or DBS PayLah!/ OCBC Pay Anyone/ UOB Mighty.

How long does it take to renounce?

From the date of receipt of the complete application package, processing will take around 3 to 4 months. Once processed and approved, ICA will then send you a letter or through the Embassy to let you know that you are no longer a citizen of Singapore. However, processing may take longer for some applications.

What are the instances that the government may withhold my renunciation?

If you are a male and you have failed to:

  • Discharge your liability for full-time National Service (NS);
  • Render at least 3 years of operationally ready NS instead of full-time service; or
  • Comply with such conditions as may be determined by the Government.

Can I still stay in Singapore?

Once your citizenship is terminated, you will be treated as a foreigner. Hence, you only have 24 hours to stay in Singapore after the date of cessation of your citizenship unless you have a permit or pass authorizing you to remain.

Can I get back my CPF savings?

Once you lose your citizenship and you have no intention of going back to Singapore (and West Malaysia) for employment or residence purposes, you must apply to withdraw all of your CPF savings.

If you happen to be in Singapore when you lose your citizenship, you must complete the form namely “Withdraw CPF Savings on Ground of Leaving Singapore and West Malaysia Permanently”, together with the supplementary documents stated in the form.

If you are overseas upon application, you must fill out the same form but an official from a Singapore Overseas Mission should witness and certify it along with all of your supporting documents.

What happens to my HDB flat?

If your citizenship is ceased, you will need to sell your  HDB flats and other properties.

Can I get back my citizenship after renouncing?

Once your declaration of renunciation is registered, you cease to be a citizen of Singapore and there is no assurance for a grant when you apply Singapore citizen again.

If you have further questions, you may contact a PR Application Agency or ICA.

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