Guide for Filing Singapore Citizenship Applications

Guide for Filing Singapore Citizenship Applications

Applying for Singapore citizenship involves a number of processes, including a PR application, and if you are unsure of what to anticipate, it might be complicated. We walk you through each step in this article, along with what you need to do at each stage.

This guide’s goal is to make it simple for you to comprehend the steps and timing for your Singapore citizen application.

Guide Filing Singapore Citizenship Applications

Who is eligible?

People who fit into the following categories may apply to become Singapore citizens:

  1. A person who has been a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) for at least two to six years prior to the date of application and is at least 21 years old.
  2. Spouse of a Singaporean citizen who has been married for at least two years and has been a PR for at least two years.
  3. A child born outside of Singapore whose parents are citizens of that country.

This guide’s main objective is to give information on how to file a citizenship application for those in the mentioned first category.

The following elements, in addition to the previously mentioned eligibility conditions, will be crucial in determining whether your application for Singapore citizenship is successful:

–      Experience residing in Singapore during the period of your permanent residence

–      Your moral integrity and respect for the law

–      Your long-term ‘investment’ in Singapore through your social and financial efforts and contributions

–      Your capacity to contribute positively to Singapore rather than negatively. That is to say, your capacity to earn money for yourself and your family (either through employment or as a business owner) as well as your general financial health.

Application procedure

There are four primary steps to the application process till the day when your Singapore Citizenship application gets approved:

Step 1: Application Procedure

Online application: Upload all required documents together with your application online.

–      Before starting the application process, get ready all the necessary documents.

–      You will be given a questionnaire to complete throughout the online application process, along with all other forms that will be generated automatically depending on your answers to the questionnaire.

–      After starting the online application, you will have seven days to provide the information for the sponsor and all applicants. It should take you roughly 90 minutes to finish each application.

–      Double-check your information’s accuracy

–      Complete your declaration and give the authorities permission to access your personal information and make payment for the application.

Step 2: Application Outcome

Principal approval to complete your Singapore Citizenship Journey and take part in the required sessions outlined below, download the in-principle approval letter. This phase lasts about two months.

–      To take part in the Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing Session, you must reserve a time slot.

–      Complete the e-Journey session online.

–      When it’s time to renounce your present citizenship throughout the following stage of the process, educate yourself on the steps you must take.

Step 3: Renunciation

Revocation of your citizenship and final approval. You’ll get a letter asking you to renounce your foreign citizenship. It takes this stage between one and two months.

–      In order to renounce your foreign citizenship, you must meet the requirements outlined in the letter you will receive.

–      Follow the embassy’s application process to renounce your foreign citizenship.

–      Gather all the paperwork needed for citizenship registration.

–      At the time and date on your letter, report to the ICA Building.

Step 4: Citizenship Ceremony

The ceremony typically occurs three to six months after Step 3 has been successfully completed. You will receive a Pink Identity Card (also known as an NRIC) and SC Certificate after the ceremony.

The total time needed to perform the operation ranges from 6 to 12 months.


Without the right advice, the procedures for successfully obtaining Singaporean citizenship might be difficult. In light of this, it is our responsibility to assist our clients with their application, supporting documentation, eligibility requirements, and application outcome to gain Singapore citizenship.

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