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Insider Tips for Completing the Singapore PR Application Form with Ease

If you plan to submit a PR Singapore Application, you’re probably aware of how complex the process can be. However, having the right knowledge and guidance, you can make the application process easier. That’s where PR Application Agency Singapore comes in.

As a leading immigration agency in Singapore, we have helped many clients complete their PR applications. In this article, we will share some insider tips and tricks to help you easily fill out the Singapore PR application form. So, let’s get started!

Singapore PR Application form: Two Options you have

To access the Singapore PR Application form, you first need to log in to the ICA website ☒ Pass holderApply PR section. You will then be presented with an option.

PDF Option vs. Direct Entry

You can fill out the Singapore PR Application Form 4A in PDF format by downloading it, adding all the necessary information, and uploading it for processing. The alternative is to directly enter the information into the ICA system. The PDF technique is the one that ICA themselves advise.

The amount of information needed is extremely considerable for the Singapore PR application. If you have a long work history and are applying with your family, you will need to prepare information that could fill 10–12 pages. There is obviously a lot of information here.

As a result, it is not advised to enter this information directly into the system. It is preferable to enter these details in the Document before uploading it.


Singapore PR Application form: Foreign Identification Number

On the initial page, a foreign identification number question is asked. Only after entering the nationality is this field accessible. The identity card you possess in your country of nationality is referred to here. For instance, it denotes “kadpengenalan Malaysia” for Malaysians and “Aadhar Card” for those of Indian nationality.

You can choose the option with no foreign identity number if your nation does not issue identity cards.

Singapore PR Application form 4A: Travel Document Section

The travel document section is quite self-explanatory. In essence, you must enter your passport information here. Please take note that only current passport information is needed. You can include a travel document should you have multiple passports from various countries.

Singapore PR Application form: Employment History of the Main Applicant

In this area, the ICA requests information regarding your prior employment. As a result, you must provide a complete account of your employment history, beginning with your very first position, and you must provide it in reverse chronological order, with your current position appearing first. The number of employment changes you’ve experienced will determine how long the list is.


The occupation field options are well-defined and predetermined. Once you click on the field, a window will appear where you can select the occupation that most accurately reflects your current job. However, you may find that your specific job title is not listed. In this case, it is recommended that you choose an occupation that closely matches your job description.


Singapore Dollars must be used when entering salary. Yet, you would have previously worked in your native country and earned a different income there. With the current exchange rate, you can convert that sum to Singapore dollars, in this situation. In some instances, that sum could seem quite modest (800 SGD, for instance), but there is no need to be concerned.

Singapore PR Application form: Places where you have stayed in the last 10 years

You must provide specifics about each place you’ve stayed over the past ten years in this section. Observe the word carefully once again. “List of Countries/Places and Addresses where Applicant has Resided for More Than Six Months in the Last Ten Years (Up to Current)” is what it says.

Thus, any brief visits of less than six months should be removed from this list.

Singapore PR Application form: Educational Details

Again this section is straightforward. However, add only graduate and above qualifications in this section. We have seen people certificate courses in “Forklift driving”, etc. Please avoid this mistake.

If you don’t have a graduate qualification, enter the details of your highest qualification here (like a secondary or diploma).

Singapore PR Application form: Spouse & Children details are required even if you are not applying

Even though your family may be living in your home country and not applying for a Singapore PR, you must nonetheless supply their information and documents and make it clear that they are not doing so.

Singapore PR Application form: Relationship with Father in Law and Mother in Law

One section of the immigration application asks about your relationship with your mother-in-law and father-in-law. Answering this question may be challenging for some. While others may write it off as “adoptive”, it’s essential to consider your partner’s relationship with their parents.

If your partner is a biological child of their parents, then the connection should be listed as “biological” to accurately reflect the family relationship.

Singapore PR Application form: Do not withhold anything, it’s an offense

When filling out an immigration application, it is important to answer each question truthfully and avoid withholding any information. Failure to disclose relevant information on an immigration application is considered illegal and can result in serious consequences.

It is not uncommon for individuals to attempt to conceal details about previous marriages or children, but it is crucial to remember that such omissions can be discovered later on and lead to harsh penalties. Therefore, it is best, to be honest, and forthcoming throughout the application process.

Singapore Application form: Annex A

Annex A is to be filled out by your company and not by you. Often, information on the use of firm resources, personnel, annual income, etc. is covered. To get hold of this paper, speak with the HR division of your business.

Annex A to the form 4A should be easy to get since the majority of businesses are aware of this. There is nothing you need to fill out because the company fills out all the details.

There are alternate sources you can use to meet the requirement in an exceptional situation where the corporation declines to accept annex A. Filling up all this information can be hectic and tedious. If you have other queries on how to go about the whole process, it is best to consult the subject matter expert, Singapore Top Immigration regarding this.

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