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How to Manage Singapore PR Application Documentations and Avoid Rejection

When you apply for a Singapore PR or apply Singapore citizenship application, you must be aware that any incorrect information filled or documents submitted would cause a rejection in your application. E-submission may seem easy, but actually it’s more complicated than it looks.  

Therefore, how you prepare and arrange your documentation is very crucial, and one way to help you improve your chances is to engage an experienced PR Application Agency.  

In this article, we will discuss the possibility that will surface in your submission and how we are going to mitigate the risk of these errors.  

How to Manage PR Application Documents and Avoid Rejection

1. Scanned Documents 

Many applicants submit their scanned documents in poor resolution. It is important to take note that documents such as Passport, Birth Certificate and/ or Qualification Certificates, must be scanned clearly and in correct placement. 

In cases where these documents are damaged, torn or crumpled, the PR Application Agency will check for you if these documents can be used for submission. If not, the agency will advise if you should obtain a copy of these documents from the appropriate authorities or embassy. 


Make sure that all original copies are in good condition before scanning them. Re-scan before e-submission when necessary. 

2. Photograph 

Some applicants prefer taking passport photos using mobile phones which unfortunately may produce a poor-quality image.  

Follow these guidelines when taking your photos: 

  • 35mm wide by 45mm high, no border, and taken not more than 3 months ago; 
  • Don’t use a headgear unless you wear it habitually in the observance of religious or racial customs. The headgear, however, must not obscure your facial features; 
  • Your face should be between 25mm and 35mm from chin to crown, and photographed against a plain white background with a matte or semi-matte finish; 
  • You should look directly into the camera. 


Avoid getting your application being rejected just because your photo is unclear, pixelated or in low-quality. Take your photo from a professional photo shop. Also, make sure that there is no shadow on your background.   

3. Notarized Documents 

Travel documents such as passport and other supporting documents are usually written in the language of their origin country. In this case, you must supplement your application with notarised translations done by a professional translator. 

These translated documents need to be in English and verified by a member of the Singapore Academy of Law. The proof of notarization can be seen in the red stamp.  


Check all your papers and have them sorted out. Those that are not in English, have them translated and notarized.  

4. Declaration Forms 

It’s common for an applicant to have a different family name stated on some of their documents such as Foreign ID or qualification Certificate over what’s shown on his or her passport.   

5. Education Documents 

Some PR applicants may not be able to provide their qualification certificates. They could have misplaced it including their transcripts, or they simply do not have a copy of it. Do check with the PR Application Agency on how this can be done without affecting the application and they can help to smoothen this process. 


ICA only requires you to submit your highest qualification. In the event that you missed out any important details in your academic qualifications, contact the university or institute you attended. 


The most important thing to remember is that every step of the process is important, do not skip or ignore it. Every document is important and it will increase your chances. Every document submitted have to be 100% accurate and complete. 

In order to satisfy the guidelines stated in the ICA, you have to remember the quick tips above in managing the documents before the final submission.  

Let an experience PR agency guide you throughout the process. It will be a hassle-free process for you.  

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