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Navigating Singapore’s PR Pathway via the Employment Pass

Singapore, a sophisticated society with one of the most advanced economies globally, attracts foreigners who aspire to apply PR in Singapore. The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) serves as a potential pathway towards a PR or Singapore citizenship application, as it demonstrates an individual’s contributions and commitment to Singapore.

However, it is crucial to note that the PR and EP applications involve different procedures and requirements. Engaging the services of a reputable PR Application Agency Singapore can greatly assist in navigating the complex PR application process and ensuring adherence to local regulations. The EP itself is a work visa that enables foreign professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) to work in Singapore.

EP Application Requirements

Candidates must have a legitimate work offer for a specialized, managerial, or executive post, a starting salary of SGD 4,500, and appropriate credentials from a respected university or educational institution in order to apply for an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore.

There are no restrictions on candidates’ nationality, however, they must have received their entire COVID-19 vaccination. More experienced candidates might demand higher salaries.

Submit the Employment Pass Application Form

Online submission of an application form is possible. If the foreign company does not have a Singapore-registered office, a local sponsor may submit an application via mail. An application fee of SGD 105 must be paid by the employment agent or business whether the application is submitted manually or online.

Receive IPA Letter (In-Principal Approval)

When the application for an Employment Pass is approved, this is given out. The applicant must enter Singapore within six months of the date this letter is issued in order for the Employment Pass to be issued.

Request the Letter from MOM

The applicant must be in Singapore to receive the letter; otherwise, the MOM will not grant the Employment Pass. For the work pass to be issued, the employment agent or business must submit the following through the myMOM portal:

  • The SGD 225 fee
  • Contact details of an individual who has been authorised to receive an email or text message with delivery details.
  • A local address where the Employment Pass can be delivered.
  • The Singapore residential address of the applicant
  • Details related to the current immigration pass or Short-Term Visit Pass of the applicant
  • Candidate’s passport details.

The following additional documents may also be required:

  • Declaration form submitted with the In-Principal Approval letter
  • Health declaration or complete medical examination form
  • Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (such as an immigration white card)

Only after all required paperwork has been received will the Employment Pass be provided. Once all required photographs and fingerprints have been taken, the card will only then be issued.

Receive Notification Letter

The holder of an Employment Pass may enter and exit Singapore using this letter, which is only good for one calendar month. Whether a photograph and fingerprints are required will be stated in this letter.

Register Fingerprints and Photo

The holder of an Employment Pass will have two weeks to get their photo and fingerprints taken if your letter specifies that they are needed. It is imperative to schedule a consultation at the Employment Pass Services Center. Before the process is finished, the following papers must be presented at the appointment:

  • Documents listed in the notification and IPA letter
  • Notification letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Original passport

Receive the Employment Pass Card

The card will be delivered four working days after the procedure is completed.

Documents Required for Singapore Employment Pass

In order to apply for an Employment Pass in Singapore, you must provide the MOM with clear copies of the following documents:

  • The employment agent or business may apply for an Employment Pass on behalf of the applicant with the applicant’s written consent.
  • Candidate’s educational certificates
  • The latest business profile of the company or registered information with ACRA
  • Personal particulars page of the candidates’ passport
  • Any additional documents that the MOM asks for

The translation of non-English papers is required. Your application will not be considered complete if you submit any documents that are not in English.

EP Processing Time

Receiving a response on an Employment pass application typically takes three weeks, but if your supporting paperwork is not in order, it could take longer. Your final work permit card won’t be issued for another four days after receiving confirmation that your EP application has been granted.


The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) serves as a pathway for foreign professionals, managers, executives, and technicians to work in Singapore and potentially pursue Permanent Residency (PR) or Singapore citizenship.

While the EP showcases an individual’s contributions and commitment to Singapore, it’s important to note that the PR and EP applications have distinct procedures and requirements. Engaging a reputable PR Application Agency in Singapore can provide valuable assistance in navigating the complex PR application process and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

By understanding the EP application requirements, following the necessary steps, and submitting the required documents, individuals can increase their chances of obtaining the EP and making progress toward their long-term goals in Singapore.

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