Personalised Employment Pass Eligibility and Qualifications

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Eligibility and Qualifications

The Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is for you if you’re seeking a work permit that doesn’t restrict you to working for just one company. Everyone who is a PEP holder can apply PR and apply Singapore citizen through the help of a Singapore PR application agency

Learn about the application process, requirements, and eligibility requirements. 

What is a Singapore Personalised Employment Pass? 

A unique kind of employment permit that is not connected to a particular company is the Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). PEPs are designed for highly skilled and high-earning professionals who desire to work in Singapore. 

As long as the bearer is not unemployed for more than six months, this permit allows you to change jobs in Singapore without having to reapply for an entry visa. 

Who is eligible? 

You may apply for a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) if: 

  • You are a foreign professional who works abroad and whose most recent fixed monthly wage was at least $18,000. Before applying, your last income should have been received within the previous six months. 
  • A current holder of an Employment Pass making a minimum fixed monthly income of $12,000. 

Who is not eligible? 

You’re not eligible for the PEP if: 

  • A holder of an Employment Pass under the sponsorship program. 
  • A freelancer or foreigner who aspires to operate on a freelance basis. 
  • An ACRA-registered company’s sole proprietor, partner, or director who is also a shareholder. 
  • A writer, an editor, a subeditor, or a producer. 

I want to get a Personalised Employment Pass, how can I do that? 

You must fulfil one of the requirements listed below: 

  • You have an Employment Pass and make a minimum of S$12,000 per month. Additionally, you must have made a minimum fixed annual salary of S$144,000 the year before. 
  • You are an international professional making at least S$18,000 per month in last-drawn fixed compensation. Six months or less should have passed since you last received a paycheck before submitting a PEP application. 

What paperwork do I need to submit a Personalised Employment Pass application? 

Existing holders of an Employment Pass are excused from filing any additional paperwork. However, the following information must be entered on your Personalized Employment Pass application form: 

Details of your passport 

  • Name and address of employer, if available 
  • Job and salary details, if available 
  • Local contact information (for overseas professionals, the local contact details can be furnished upon approval) 
  • Information on dependent pass holders, if there’s any 
  • If applicable, information about long-term social visit permit holders 

If you don’t have an employment pass, you’ll need to present the additional paperwork listed below: 

  •  A copy of your passport’s personal information page 
  • Your employment contract from any prior or current jobs, if any 
  •  Past three months’ wage slips and bank account statements 
  •  Most recent tax return 
  • A copy of your latest resume and any relevant academic credentials 

Please be aware that any non-English documents must be presented with an official translation into English that has been completed by a certified translator, a High Commission/Embassy, or a notary public. 

Benefits of the PEP 

Compared to previous work passes, the PEP allows you more flexibility in your job: 

  • In general, you can find employment in any industry. The PEP does not, however, excuse you from meeting the registration requirements to practice in Singapore in fields like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, and law, among others. 
  •  If you switch jobs, you don’t have to reapply for a new pass. 
  •  You are allowed to stay in Singapore continuously for up to six months while looking for work. 

The authority carefully examines each application before issuing any Singapore visas. A foreign professional submitting an application for the PEP can think about contacting a corporate services provider for assistance. For more information about the Personalised Employment Pass, please contact us. 

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