Property Tax on Foreigners Reasons Consider Applying Singapore PR

Property Tax on Foreigners: The Reasons You Should Consider Applying for Singapore PR

Singapore’s property tax system has garnered attention among foreigners contemplating long-term residency in the country. This article explores how property tax, particularly in relation to foreigners, can be a significant factor influencing their decision to apply PR in Singapore and sometimes if they got rejected, they file for PR Appeal.

By delving into this aspect, we as your PR application agency Singapore aim to shed light on why property tax considerations play a role in foreigners’ pursuit of PR status.

Property Tax as a Key Consideration:

For foreigners eyeing property ownership in Singapore, the implications of property tax hold substantial weight in their decision-making process.

The disparities between property tax rates for foreigners and permanent residents can create a financial incentive for foreigners to seek PR status. This becomes particularly relevant when considering long-term property investment and financial planning.


Tax Advantages for Permanent Residents:

One of the perks that permanent residents enjoy is the eligibility for owner-occupied tax rates, which are generally lower than those imposed on non-residential properties.

These preferential tax rates can result in significant savings over time, making property ownership more financially appealing for permanent residents. The allure of these benefits often serves as a motivating factor for foreigners to pursue Singapore PR.

Mitigating Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD):

The Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) is an additional tax levied on residential property purchases in Singapore. Foreigners typically face higher ABSD rates compared to permanent residents, making property acquisitions more costly for them.

By obtaining Singapore PR status, foreigners can potentially reduce or eliminate the ABSD burden, providing another incentive to apply for PR.

Long-Term Financial Planning:

Foreigners with a keen interest in Singapore’s property market may view property ownership as a strategic long-term investment. By securing PR status, they can benefit from the stability and potential capital appreciation offered by Singapore’s real estate sector.

The prospect of building a valuable property portfolio while enjoying more favourable tax rates motivates foreigners to pursue PR as a means to fulfil their long-term financial goals.

Seeking Stability and Integration:

Applying for Singapore PR signifies a deeper commitment to the country, beyond property ownership considerations. It reflects a desire for stability, integration, and a sense of belonging. Property tax benefits and the potential for long-term financial gains provide additional incentives for foreigners seeking to establish themselves in Singapore permanently.


Property tax disparities between foreigners and permanent residents in Singapore play a role in motivating foreigners to apply for PR. The allure of lower tax rates, the reduction of ABSD, and the potential for long-term financial gains create a compelling case for foreigners to seek PR status.

It is important for individuals contemplating this path to carefully consider the various factors involved and seek professional advice from a Singapore PR agency to make informed decisions.

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