Recommendation Letters Singapore PR Application

Significance of Recommendation Letters for Singapore PR Application

If you have decided to apply for Singapore permanent residency, then you might be wondering why recommendation letters are essential. Although recommendation letters are not compulsory, including those in your supporting documents can add value to your PR application or Singapore citizen application, hence, improving your chances of being considered by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

What is a recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters serve as proof of your decent character as an individual and how these traits will make you a positive addition to this city-state. A good recommendation letter demonstrates your pleasing personality, positive attributes in the industry you’re working in, involvement in the Singaporean community, and many others.

Can I submit as many as I can?

No. A good rule of thumb is that one or two recommendation letters are enough.

Where can you get recommendations from?

Request A Recommendation from Your Current and/ or Past Employer

The letter should describe your strengths, skills, achievements, and ability to do the job. It should also explain how you get along with your co-workers and superiors, and how you contributed to the progress of your company.

Your work performance that is being elaborated on in this letter will affect the success of your PR application because it’s directly connected to your behaviour on the job. Thus, the person who displays a remarkable work ethic and positive behaviour will have an advantage.

Request A Recommendation from Your Business Partner or Client

People who know you will be more willing to vouch for you in your application. Asking your business partner or client to write a recommendation letter will give them more reasons to support your application.

In the letter, they can state their relationship with you, highlight your most admirable qualities, and the purpose of expressing their recommendation. This will make your case much stronger.

Request A Recommendation from Your Friends, Colleagues, Neighbours or Landlord

Aside from office work, personal life is also very important. How are you able to showcase you roots with the locals in Singapore. Participating in locals organisations, volunteering or participating in local organisations would also showcase your deep interest in embracing the Singaporean culture. With that, you can ask your friends or the one in charge of the institution to write a testimonial about their experience with you and why they think you deserve to be a part of this Little Red Dot.

Putting you in a good light increases the success rate of your PR / Citizenshipapplication.


Apart from cover letter, recommendation letters are also a significant supporting document you need to include in the submission of your application. Recommendation letters are used to establish a good reference for your characters and personal history. It will boost your chances of getting your Singapore permanent residency or citizenship application approved, so make sure that you submit a good one.

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