Singapore PR Application Approval Letter - What to Do Next

Singapore PR Application Approval Letter – What to Do Next?

You’ve filed for a PR application or PR Appeal and finally, you receive an approval letter for a PR application in Singapore. Now, what should you do? Continue to read this guide for more information about the steps to be taken after receiving the In-Principle Approval letter (IPA).

What Is An In-Principle Approval Letter?

All successful Singapore Permanent Residence Applicants will receive an In-Principle Approval letter. It is a document which states the important steps to complete the PR formalities. Since it is only valid for two months from the date of issuance, you are expected to complete the required processes before this IPA expires.


4 Main Steps to Fulfill the Requirements and Conditions:

1. Medical Examination

One of the requirement is, you need to undergo a comprehensive medical check-up at your chosen medical clinic.

When visiting the clinic for the check-up, you will have to present these two documents:

– The IPA letter

– The medical form (that is attached in the IPA package mailed to you)

The medical certificate generally takes between one to two weeks to be released, hence, it would be better to check it with your clinic before the procedure.

2. Health Insurance

One of the many benefits of being a permanent resident in Singapore is getting insured with MediShield Life, a basic national health insurance plan administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board to help you pay large hospital bills and selected outpatient treatment costs.

3. Mandatory Verification Documents

As part of the verification purposes, ICA included a checklist of documents required which you originally submitted during your Singapore PR application. Just make sure you get them ready before your scheduled appointment with an ICA officer.

4. ICA Appointment

Once you have completed all the requirements and conditions such as he medical check-up, insurance application, and verification documents, then the next thing to do is to go and book for your in-person appointment with ICA.

During the appointment, it can take around one hour for ICA to confirm all your verification details.

What’s Next After the PR Verification?

After the verification process, you will receive the following which is given on the same day:

  • A temporary identity receipt
  • A collection slip for the Singapore identity card
  • An entry permit
  • A Re-entry permit (REP)
  • The Singapore History brochure


Completing this final step in your Singapore permanent residency is very crucial. Just like the previous application process, failure to comply with the requirements and conditions may risk your chances of PR approval.

Make sure that the above-mentioned steps are met so you can fulfill your Singaporean dream. Should you need assistance in the IPA Letter compliance, you can always contact us.

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