Singapore PR Rejected: Significant Changes To Include In Your PR Appeal

As a PR applicant, you have to understand that it is possible for your PR application in Singapore to be rejected by ICA. The process of applying for a PR can be very challenging, and it is always an advantage to seek professional advice from a PR application agency

In case of rejection, you need to be aware of the risks involved when filing for a PR appeal by yourself. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a professional help to guide you with your Singapore PR application. Reasons for refusal won’t be stated in the letter nor discussed over the phone. 

However, common reasons would be the following: 

  • Missing and/or lacking of documents 
  • False or incorrect documents were submitted 
  • Failure to submit essential documents 
  • Incorrect/wrong information filled in the application form 

This also means that the details regarding the applicant’s personal information, education, employment history, and finances must be accurate and complete. 

PR rejections can be demoralizing and frustrating. But look around you and see how many appeals were considered and approved even though you are being careful with the process. There’s no standard template for everyone. Each application is unique and so is yours. 

Note: Do not rush the submission of the appeal and appeal when there’s a significant change in your profile

What changes would that be? 

1. Salary Increase 

Having an increased salary shows your financial ability to support yourself and your family, as well as to contribute to the country’s economy.  

2. Employment Promotion 

You must be promoted from your previous job employment to another level to be able to justify for the appeal. That justifies your stellar qualities as an employee and as a colleague to Singaporean mates. 

3. Change of Marital Status 

If you just got married, indicate it in your profile. Building a family and bringing them to Singapore will prove your determination to ICA that you are serious to settle down and sink roots in Singapore. This includes being able to provide a stable home environment for your future children. 

4. Addition to the Family 

If you are expecting a baby, then count this as an important change in your life. This progress is in line with Singapore’s target of increasing its local population. So, having a new member in the family is a sign of your commitment to the country and your family. State it down in your application.  

Why do you need to include these changes in your profile? 

Any substantial changes in your life should be noted when filing for a permanent residence appeal in Singapore because these are a reflection of your long-term commitment. 

The process of applying for residency is long and involves a lot of documentations to complete for submission. If there is any significant progress that improves your life before filing for a permanent residence appeal, this can greatly affect your chances of getting approved. You should be able to demonstrate that these changes have already been made and how these make you a better applicant and a future permanent resident. 

For example, if you have changed jobs or got married since you applied for permanent residence, make sure to include those in your application. 

In any case, you’ve tried to appeal on your own but it failed again, a PR application agency should be able to help you. Whether you applied with another agency previously or did it on your own and got rejected, look for an experienced and professional PR application agency to provide a better advice on your appeal.  

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