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People share with us stories and often tell us that Singapore is their dream country to settle down, just like their second home.

Planned to stay long term in Singapore?

Is Singapore a place for you to build your career or have your loved ones settle in?

Interested to gain more benefits than what you are having right now?


Then YOU should START applying for Singapore PR.

Everyone knows that applying for Singapore PR is an easy task yet, there are still plenty of foreigners who want to be a Singapore PR for various reasons such as career progression, children education and to be united with their loved ones in Singapore.

It is not as easy as just filling up the application form provided by ICA’s website or simply submitting the required documents.
Singapore Government is looking into more hidden factors other than age, length of stay and monthly salary.


Let us help you build your dream.

A lot of our clients told us that Singapore is their second home.

Do you have any thoughts of staying long term in Singapore? Is Singapore a place for you to build your career or bring your family into Singapore? Would you like to have more benefits than what you’re having now? If yes, applying for Singapore PR is definitely the right choice.

Everyone knows the Singapore PR process is not easy yet there are still plenty of foreigners who want to be a Singapore PR because of their career progression and children’s education.

Let us help you build your dreams together. Singapore Top Immigration will do its best to help you apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore.

Why is Singapore the best place to be in?

It’s easy to understand why people want to move to Singapore. Why apply for Singapore PR, or even Singapore citizenship application? As one of the top-performing economies in the region, we have a higher standard of living than in most other places. We have great infrastructure, being a highly developed and urbanised country. We also have much to offer in the way of career opportunities. Our schools and our education system are also some of the best around.

The opportunities here are endless for those with great imaginations. There are lots of benefits a permanent resident in Singapore can enjoy locally and internationally– we have one of the strongest passports in the world, something a permanent resident can obtain. When you apply as a permanent resident in Singapore, you open doors not just here but abroad as well. But first, you need Singapore PR status to do so.

What is Singapore PR?

Permanent residency is a status bestowed upon a person in a country who, despite not being a citizen, has the right to live and remain in said country on a permanent basis. As a permanent resident, people enjoy more rights in the country than before.

In most cases, the permanent resident status waives immigration control on you, and grants you work-related benefits as well. But there’s a catch: you’ll also be subjected to the same obligations that all Singaporeans have.

In Singapore, it’s the same. In fact, getting the permanent resident status gives you many of the rights and privileges of Singaporeans, but you’ll also be expected to accomplish your responsibilities like one as well. So, what are the specific upsides of applying for permanent resident status, if one were to consider it?

Benefits of a permanent resident in Singapore

If you’ve lived or worked in Singapore for a set amount of time, or you fulfil certain requirements, you will be eligible for application to Singapore permanent resident status. The permanent resident status is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people residing in Singapore, and they enjoy many benefits as Singaporean citizens. Let’s take a look at some of them:

-Leave the country for set periods of time without having to apply for Singapore work pass or travel visas. This will also allow you to live in Singapore for indefinite periods of time.

-When you find jobs in Singapore, you need to apply for a work pass. After a successful Singapore PR application, you no longer need to worry about changing jobs and applying for work passes each time.

-Family members will also be eligible to apply for PR applications. Children under 21 and spouses can be included in your PR application.

-And last but not least, your Singapore PR application is the first step towards applying for full citizenship. When granted, you will be able to obtain all the rights of Singapore-born citizens and obtain a Singapore passport.

Ready to start your journey? Let’s take a look at the Singapore PR process!

How to apply for Singapore PR status

First, you must check whether you are eligible for permanent resident status in Singapore. There are several different criteria that makes an individual eligible for PR status, such as:

-Holder of an employment or S pass

-Being the spouse of a Singapore PR or citizen

-Child of a Singapore citizen (Elder parent or someone below 21 who is legally their child)

-Student studying in Singapore

-Foreign investor in Singapore

There are different required documents depending on which eligibility criteria you fit. After this, you follow a series of steps and procedures prior to approval. There are fees, too, which you must mind. More details on Singapore PR application you can contact us here.

Keep in mind that the application process may look complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Singapore Top Immigration can help you to acclimate to the process and assist you in increasing your chances for approval.

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Singapore PR process, Citizenship application, and Appeal services

Frequently Asked Questions

At best, the whole process can take 6 months up to a year. If you submit the correct documents, your waiting time may even be as short as 4 months!

It depends on the circumstances. If you have any kin or strong relations here, you might be more likely get Singapore PR application accepted, for example.

  • Employment opportunities
  • Education opportunities
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • Housing benefits
  • Immigration stability
  • CPF Housing Grant (SC and SPR household)
  • Investment opportunities
  • Eligibility for Singapore citizenship

Under the various available schemes, there are mainly four ways that your spouse can apply PR Singapore. They are the following:

  • Family Scheme with you, a Singapore Citizen or PR, as the sponsor
  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme in the same application as yours, with you as his or her sponsor
  • Global Investor Programme (GIP) in the same application as yours, as your dependant
  • PTS Scheme or GIP through their own merits with a valid S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass

Permanent Residency in Singapore is offered to individuals who possess desirable qualities and can contribute positively to Singapore’s society and economy. The PR eligibility requirements include:

  • Having a strong employment background
  • Being a spouse of a citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  • Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass
  • Investing in the country
  • Studying in the Lion City
As for the Singapore Permanent Residency application, you need to submit an application to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. The application can be submitted online via the ICA website. You would need to complete the application form, gather the required documents, and pay the necessary fees. It is important to ensure that all the documents are accurate and up-to-date.

Below are the five types of documents you will have to secure for your Singapore Permanent Residence application.

  • Digital Passport-sized photograph.
  • Identification documents.
  • Travel documents and immigration passes.
  • Educational certificates and qualifications.
  • Current employment paperwork.

Documents not in English must be translated. You can (1) get it translated and stamped through your embassy, (2) get it translated by a notary public in Singapore, or (3) get it translated by a private institution and have it attested by your embassy or notarised by a notary public in SG.

A cover letter is not mandatory, but rather a supplementary document that can boost your application for PR. There are things that you can’t express through the application forms that ICA requires you to fill in but you can possibly do so by writing a cover letter. It helps you establish your personality and traits that can be of great contribution to the thriving country.

Make sure you have all the correct documents and double-check if you meet the requirements. Contact us for assistance to help make the process smooth!

It takes time to process and review the documents. The PR application procedures are complex.
Log into and you can check your Singapore permanent residence status there. Alternatively, you can also email them for updates.

Yes, you can. You may submit an appeal for a PR rejection if your application wasn’t accepted.

You may submit a PR application for your dependant(s) but that is still for ICA’s consideration.
A Singapore Citizen / PR is allowed to sponsor his/her spouse by submitting an application for permanent residence (PR) to the ICA for consideration. To be eligible, the two of you must be legally married to one another. Same with your unmarried children below 21 years of age, he/she must be born within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted.
Your parents can apply for a Dependant’s Pass or a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) if you are a Permanent Resident. This will allow them to stay in Singapore for at least one year, depending on the decision released by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers. When the expiry date comes, you will then have to renew the pass. Soon after you become a Singapore citizen, you can submit a PR application for your parents as their sponsor.

It is not required to get an employer’s sponsorship to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

Singapore PR applicants who possess a strong employment background are more likely to meet the eligibility requirements. The ICA considers factors such as the applicant’s job stability, salary, potential contributions to the Singapore economy, and whether they are working in a key growth sector. Applicants with specialized skills, relevant work experience, and a good track record have higher chances of PR approval.
Yes, you can still be PR even if you work or stay outside Singapore. But renewal is based on the discretion of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.
If you are at least 15 years of age and a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, Employment Pass holder or an eligible Work Permit holder, you may be eligible to apply for Singapore Personal Access account. Having met the above criteria, you can register for an account on SingPass’ website or their mobile app. An e-guide for step-by-step pictorial instructions is also available.
All foreign students may apply for SPR but he/she must have resided in the Lion City for more than 2 years at the time of application and must at least pass a GCE N/O/A level in Singapore.
A PR status does not expire. However, if a PR leaves Singapore without a valid REP, or if a PR has not returned to Singapore when his/her REP expires, his/her PR status will irrevocably end unless granted with exceptions which are very rare.
Re-entry Permit is valid for 5 years. It gives you the authority to travel or stay outside the country while still maintaining your permanent residence status.
You can apply as many times as necessary but you have to wait at least 6 months before re-submitting your PR application. If you happen to have significant details (work permit or increased economic contribution) which you failed to include in your application, then you should apply again.
If your re-entry permit is not yet expired and you have decided to renounce your PR status for whatever reason, you can send a letter addressed to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore stating your desire to cancel the Singapore PR status.

Your Future Starts Now: Apply Singapore PR and Open Doors to Unlimited Possibilities

If you’re considering applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore, you likely have many questions about the process. So, how long does it take to get approved for PR? While the process can take up to a year, you can get your application approved in as little as four months if you submit all the correct documents.

To boost your chances of success, make sure you have all the necessary documents and meet the eligibility requirements. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if your application is rejected, the good news is that you can appeal the decision.

The PR application process takes time because it involves reviewing and processing a large number of documents. Your chances of being approved for PR depend on your circumstances, but having family or strong relationships in Singapore can increase your chances.

If you’re already a PR but not working in Singapore, you can still apply for PR for your dependents. However, it will still be subject to approval by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). If you’re a Singapore Citizen or PR and want to sponsor your spouse for PR status, there are several schemes available, including the Family Scheme, Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme, and the Global Investor Programme.

As a PR, your parents can apply for a Dependant’s Pass or a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) to stay in Singapore for up to one year. When the pass expires, you’ll need to renew it, and you can apply for PR for your parents once you become a citizen.

You don’t need an employer’s sponsorship to apply for PR. If you’re already a PR and want to work overseas, that’s possible, but your PR status renewal will be subject to ICA discretion.

To obtain a SingPass account, you need to be at least 15 years old and either a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, Employment Pass holder, or eligible Work Permit holder.

When applying for PR, you’ll need to provide several types of documents, including a digital passport-sized photograph, identification documents, travel documents and immigration passes, educational certificates and qualifications, and current employment paperwork. If any of your supporting documents are not in English, they will need to be translated.

A cover letter is not mandatory for your PR application, but it can be a helpful way to express your personality and traits that may contribute to Singapore’s success.

Remember, obtaining PR status is a complex process, but with the right guidance and support, you can increase your chances of success. Reach out now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards your new life in Singapore.

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