How to Sponsor Singapore PR for Parents

How to Sponsor Singapore PR for Parents

Applying for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) for your parents can be a complex and time-consuming process, but the reward of having them live and work in Singapore with you can be worth the effort.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of the PR application Singapore process, including the eligibility, requirements, and preparation needed to increase your chances of success. You can also contact us, your PR Application Agency, to provide valuable tips and advice to ensure that you and your parents have a smooth and stress-free experience.

So, if your Singapore citizenship application is already accepted, this article will help you understand the process and guide you through the process of applying for Singapore PR for your parents.

Step 1. Check the Eligibility Criteria for Singapore PR for Parents

Verifying one’s eligibility is a requirement for anyone making an application for permanent residence in Singapore. That also holds true for your parents. So, you must meet the requirements in order to sponsor your parents.


The following requirements must be met by you (the sponsor) in order for your parents to qualify:

You must be a Singapore Citizen

If you are not a Singaporean citizen, you regretfully cannot apply for your parent to become permanent residents in Singapore, as only older parents of Singapore citizens are entitled to do so. You can still sponsor LTVP for parents as Singapore permanent residents, but not PR.

Sponsor Their Application

When your parents want to seek to become Singapore Permanent residents, you as a Singaporean must sponsor their application. They will need technical staff, consulting professionals, and a skilled program if you don’t support their application; parents must have the necessary funds for this to be doable.

You are the only one who can sponsor your parents’ Singapore PR application if they have grown old and retired from their employment.

You must prove Your Relationship with your parents

You must submit documentation supporting your parental relationship along with your application in order to be considered qualified. Your application will be denied if you cannot demonstrate your familial connection.

Step 2.

A. Gather the Applicant’s Documents (Parents)

After verifying your parents’ eligibility for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR), it’s essential to gather all necessary documents as soon as possible. This step is crucial as you will only have seven days (168 hours) to submit them during the online application process. Remember to include English translations of any required documents that are not in English.

Keep in mind that translations must be done by an approved source such as the high commission/embassy of the country of issue, a notary public based in the document’s country of issue or Singapore, or privately hired translators whose translations are then attested by the high commission/embassy of the country of issue or notarized by a notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore.


●       Passport biodata page

●       A recent, colour, digital, passport-sized photo of the applicant that was taken within the last three months.

●       Valid travel documents

●       Valid Immigration Pass

●       Official Marriage Certificate

If Applicable

●       Work Pass

●       Employer’s Letter

●       Payslips for the last 6 months

●       IRAS Consent Form

●       Valid Business Registration Certificate

●       ID Card

●       Deed Poll or Change of Name Certificate

●       Travel document of the applicant’s spouse

●       Death certificate of the applicant’s spouse

●       Divorce certificate of applicant’s spouse from a previous marriage

B. Gather Your Documents as the Sponsor

As the sponsor for your parents’ Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) application, you’ll need to provide certain documents as required by ICA to demonstrate your ability to support their stay as PRs. Similar to the document requirements, any necessary translations of these documents must be provided if they are not in English.

They must be done by one of the following approved sources: the high commission/embassy of the country of issue, a notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore, or privately hired translators whose translations are then attested by the high commission/embassy of the country of issue or notarized by a notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore.


●       Birth Certificate

●       Identity Card (NRIC)

●       Highest Educational Certificate

If Applicable

●       Employer’s Letter

●       Payslips for the last 6 months

●       CPF Consent Form

●       IRAS Consent Form

●       Valid Vocational License

●       Occupational License

●       Valid Business Registration Certificate

●       Singapore Citizenship Certificate

●       Deed Poll or Change of Name Certificate

●       Highest Educational Certificate of siblings

●       Identity Card of siblings

●       Travel documents of siblings

●       Birth Certificate of siblings

●       Citizenship certificate of siblings

Step 3. Submit the Application Online

After gathering all the necessary documents, you can proceed with submitting an online PR application via the ICA website. It’s important to note that you must complete the application process within seven days (168 hours) to avoid non-acceptance of your application during e-submission. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Singapore PR for your parents:

  1. Navigate the e-PR System

Navigate to the ICA’s e-PR system by clicking on ‘e-Services and Forms’ on the left sidebar and looking for the option that says ‘Apply for Permanent Residence’ or by clicking on ‘I am a Singapore Citizen’ shortcut on the ICA’s main homepage, followed by ‘Sponsor / Stay in Singapore’ and ‘Permanent Resident’.

On the page ‘Becoming a Permanent Resident’, click on the button that prompts you to ‘Apply Online’. You will be directed to another page entitled Apply for Permanent Residence (PR), where you should select the option ‘Singapore Citizen’, followed by ‘Apply for PR’.

  1. Log in to the e-PR system

Access the e-PR system using your SingPass account, if you don’t have one, you can register for one online using your NRIC. Once logged in, select ‘My Parents’ under the subheader ‘I want to apply for’.

  1. Complete the form

Once you have accessed the e-PR system, you will need to fill out the Application, Disclosure, and Personnel List forms. It is important to ensure that every field is completed without any blanks and if a certain field does not apply to you, simply enter ‘NA’.

You have the option of downloading the application form and filling it out electronically or filling it out online directly. However, it is recommended that you opt for the former to minimise technical errors. If you choose to download the form, be sure to upload the completed application form by selecting ‘Choose’, finding your file, and clicking on ‘Upload’.

Then, click on ‘Next’ to proceed to the ‘Disclosure Form’. Once that is complete, you will be directed to the Personnel List form, where you will need to provide the personal details of those involved in this application. It is important to review the information provided as you will not be allowed to make any changes once you begin uploading documents.

  1. Upload the Document

Before uploading the required documents for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR), you will be prompted to check the deadline for submitting your application as well as your email and correspondence address. Make sure that these addresses are correct and if not, return to amend them. Once you have confirmed that, you can proceed to upload the necessary documents.

For each subsection, select ‘Choose File’ to search for the relevant document. It is important to note that these files must be under 2MB and, unless it is a passport photograph, be saved in JPEG or PDF format. Additionally, you will need to provide valid reasons for not uploading any mandatory documents and input ‘NA’ for optional ones that you do not upload.

  1. Submit the Application

Submit your application and pay the application fee of $100 via MasterCard or Visa debit/credit card; American Express (AMEX) credit card; or internet direct debit via local Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC, POSB/DBS or UOB bank accounts.

Step 4. Complete the PR Approval Process

After submitting your application, you will be able to check the status of your application and receive notifications about the next steps via the e-PR system. If ICA sees you as a potential candidate, you will receive a PR in-principle approval (IPA) letter.

  1. Schedule an Online Appointment

To begin the process of applying for Singapore Permanent Residency, schedule an appointment on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website by clicking on ‘Check Status / Make Appointment’, found on the left sidebar on their homepage, and proceed to ‘Book/Change/Cancel Appointment or through their mobile application ‘eAppt@ICA’.

Be sure to double-check the date and time of your appointment and reach out to at least two days in advance if any changes need to be made. Additionally, if you need an extension for the validity of your IPA letter, contact ICA with an explanation for the extension and a proposed new deadline.

  1. Complete the Formalities at the Appointment

Be prepared to attend an interview with ICA officials if required, and provide additional information or documents if requested. Proceed to the Permanent Resident Services Centre located on level 5 of the ICA Building. Once you arrive, take a queue number and wait for your number to be called before speaking with an ICA officer to complete the formalities.

  1. Pay for New PR Documents

After completing the formalities, you will need to pay for new documents that will certify your parents’ PR status. This includes an Entry Permit ($20), an Identity Card ($50), a 5-year Re-Entry Permit ($50, if eligible), and an Entry Visa ($30, if needed). Payment can be made via NETS or CashCard.

Once your application is approved, your parents will be granted Singapore Permanent Residency and will be able to live and work in Singapore.

It’s important to note that the process and requirements for PR application may change over time, so it is best to check the official ICA website for the most up-to-date information. Also, you may reach out to a PR agency for guidance and support.

What if the PR Application is Rejected:  Possible Reasons Why

The ICA has never stated the factors that went into accepting or rejecting applications. By withholding these explanations, applicants are deterred from using dishonest tactics to obtain the desired status by providing false information or forged documents in an effort to pass as the ideal PR.

If you need help with this, consult a PR Application Agency to put together a fresh, compelling argument for why your parents should be granted permanent resident status. A spelling error or even the clarity of a scanned document could be the cause of a rejected application.

After being rejected, how long can I reapply for PR?

Normally, we advise clients to hold off for at least six months after getting a letter of refusal from the ICA. Although the majority would love to get the status as quickly as possible, it is not suggested to hasten the procedure or make an appeal in case the same result occurs again.

To avoid additional disappointment, you would be far better off waiting until there have been big changes in your lives.


In conclusion, sponsoring Singapore PR for parents is a great way to ensure that your parents can enjoy the benefits of living in Singapore. It is important to understand the eligibility criteria and the application process in order to successfully sponsor your parents for Singapore PR.

With the right guidance and assistance, you can make the process of sponsoring Singapore PR for your parents a smooth and successful one.

Contact Singapore Top Immigration immediately to see how our highly qualified advisors can help you with this.

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