My Spouse Eligible for Singapore Citizenship

Is My Spouse Eligible for Singapore Citizenship?

If you’re here, you might be attempting to determine the likelihood that your spouse’s application to become a Singaporean would be approved. Becoming a Singapore Citizen has many advantages beyond security and stability, including reduced costs for government-run childcare and education, access to public housing in the city-state, and discounts for public medical services.

Singapore citizenship application would take several processes, and if you are unsure of what to anticipate, a Singapore PR application agency can assist you. We’ll show you who qualifies for Singapore citizenship and how you can get a higher chance of success rate in this guide.

Are You Eligible?

If you are a foreign spouse, you can find out if you are eligible based on a few criteria that we are going to discuss below. We shall briefly discuss four of the categories of applicants for Singaporean citizenship and their different processes:


1. Permanent Residents Aged 21 and Above

All SPRs who are at least 21 years old and have resided in Singapore as a PR for at least two years are eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship. If your future spouse has been a Singapore PR for at least two years, even if you haven’t yet tied the knot, they can easily meet this requirement.

Without your assistance as a sponsor, they would have the choice to submit an application for citizenship on their own.

2. Two-Year SPRs Married for Two Years to a Singaporean

For married (or soon-to-be married) couples, another option is for you, as a Singaporean, to sponsor your spouse’s citizenship petition. In this option, you would need to be much more involved, especially during the application process.

3. Unmarried child who was born in Singapore or who was adopted

Children born to Singaporean parents who aren’t married can also become citizens. This method does not apply to your spouse, but if you intend to have children abroad now or in the future, you could be concerned about it. With a nominal processing cost, you can apply for citizenship on your child’s behalf in these situations (or your spouse, if their attempt is successful).

4. Aged parents of a Singaporean in a two-year SPR

If both you and your spouse have elderly parents who are currently a Singapore PRs, the last path might be of interest to you. After becoming a Singapore PRs for two years, they are qualified for Singapore citizenship. You would have to take on the position of their sponsor on this road and actively participate in their submission. Leaving that aside, let’s get back to what we were originally discussing.

Getting Higher Chances

For stronger documentation, it has been advised to hold on to any references from people who can attest to your dedication to giving back to society, to provide payslips from the previous six months to demonstrate your financial situation and ability to support your family and to keep an up-to-date work portfolio to demonstrate your professionalism in the workplace.

A professionally prepared cover letter from our organization that explains why you are such a great fit for the country can also increase your chances of success in the application process.


Your life plans may be derailed if your submission is rejected due to missing documentation or other factors, thus delaying your journey to the promised land of becoming a Singapore citizen.

Get assistance from us for this difficult journey if you are unsure and doubtful of the documentation you must provide during the application processes.

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