Below are some of our successes!

“Your professionalism, positive and serious attitude, let me have a peace of mind throughout the process. 你们的专业,积极与认真的态度,让我拥有一个安心的合作过程.”

Christopher Lee

International Celebrity


– SC application approved in June 2023

“I thank STI for helping in our family SG citizenship application. After 2 years of long waiting finally is approved. Priscilla, Alya and Daren helped me in the process. The templates and cover letter- writeup they provided were useful and would have added advantage to our family’s application. Thank you STI.”

Dr Janardhan (Indian)

36, Researcher Scientist


– SC application approved in May 2023

“I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for the invaluable assistance and support Vivien has provided us throughout my journey to attain citizenship. Her unwavering dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in helping me achieve this significant milestone in my life. I am truly grateful for her exceptional commitment and the tireless effort she has put forth to guide me through the complex process of gaining citizenship. From the very beginning, she demonstrated an incredible understanding of the legal intricacies involved, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of the requirements and steps required to be successful. Her professionalism, patience, and thoroughness have been instrumental in addressing my concerns, answering my countless questions and alleviating any anxieties I may have had along the way. Her extensive knowledge and attention to detail gave me the confidence to navigate the application process with ease. Moreover, I would like to express my appreciation for her personal touch and genuine care throughout this entire process. Her approachability and willingness to go the extra mile to assist me have been truly remarkable.

I am sincerely thankful for the time and effort she has dedicated to my case, ensuring that all necessary documents were filed accurately and promptly. Her meticulousness and expertise have been evident at every stage of the process, ultimately leading to my successful acquisition of citizenship.”

Lee Hook Kuan (Malaysian)

65, Auxiliary Police Officer


– PR application approved in March 2023

“Having Josephine as my Specialist and Priscilla as my Consultant. The experience with STI is great and smooth! They are very kind and helpful. I also get to know everyone. I love the whole experience and speedy respond they have. Thank you so much they helped me to get my PR. I am not only getting an identity but also a new community in Singapore. Money really well spent.”

Gianni (Hong Konger)

28, System Architecture Engineer


– PR application approved in May 2023

“Very experienced team with excellent communication throughout the application process. Their effort to diligently evaluate the base profile followed by guidance to enhance it further is commendable.
Special thanks to Vivien!”

Kanwar Preet Singh (Indian)

43, Program and Project Manager


– PR application approved in May 2023

“I’d like to special thanks to specialist Josephine and consultant Jasmine for their expertise and solid knowledges. My first PR application was rejected after submitted for 5 months, then I changed my mind and decided to find a professional immigration agent to help us. I did a lot of research and F2F discussions with many top agent consultant companies in Singapore. Finally, I made the decision to choose STI for the 2nd PR application. They provided customized solution and timely supports to guide me completed the submittal. During the long waiting time, they also guided me how to provide updates to ICA. We got our PR approved in this month. Thanks Josephine, Jasmine!”

Leon (China)

44, Regional Quality Manager


– PR application approved in March 2023

“Josephine (Specialist) and Priscilla (Consultant) are both very helpful and supportive throughout my SGPR application process. I have finally received my PR and I’d recommend them to anyone who is keen to be a SG PR/citizen.”

Benjamin (Malaysian)

27, Media Executive


– PR application approved in April 2023

“Many thanks to team of STI! I finally got the PR approved for my husband. A team of professional who can help to  give useful advice and make sure your application is well handled of. Thanks STI!”

Connie, sponsored French husband for PR

41, Senior Manager


– PR application approved in March 2023

“I recently used STI’s service and I am very impressed with how professional, responsive and helpful they are. Vivien and Priscilla always had a solution for every problem I encountered and their attention to detail was remarkable. Both made sure that my PR application ran smoothly from start to finish and provided great advice on how to improve it even more. Vivien is definitely the person you need if you’re looking for an excellent service provider! Once again thanks for supporting in getting the PR approved for my family. Special mention to Priscilla for the support.”

Emamudeen, sponsored Indian family for PR

28, Homemaker


– SC application approved in January 2023

“Pearly and Josephine are very professional in handling my application. My Singapore citizenship application was approved with the assistance of the STI team especially thanks to Pearly and Josephine.”

Jacqueline (Malaysian)

45, Self-employed


– SC application approved in February 2023

“I approached STI for my Family Citizenship application and my Consultant, Priscilla guided and explained to me how they work and encouraged us to give it a try . I am more than happy with the service and professionalism. My Specialist, Feressa responded timely to my queries and  supporting documents are well organized to assist me smoothly in the submission process. Thanks to STI, our application is successful and got our Singapore citizenship. We strongly recommend anyone who is willing to apply for PR and Singapore Citizenship to engage STI.”

Joseph Clement (Indian)

48, Engineer


– PR Application approved in January 2023

“I used Singapore Top Immigration agency to help my niece apply for Permanent Residency. I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of my specialist, Josephine and my consultant Priscilla. They provided me with clear guidance and they were meticulous with the document preparation. My specialist, Josephine was also very friendly and responsive to all of my enquiries. My niece’s PR application was approved recently and we are grateful for their service. I would highly recommend STI to anyone looking for assistance with their immigration needs”

Liu Xiao Lin (China)

14, Student


– PR application approved in December 2022

“I would like to thank Ms Feressa And Ms Rai for rendering their endless assistance to me and my husband during the application of PR. They are very professional and helpful. Appreciate much.Keep up the great work ladies!”

Hasfarina, sponsored Malaysian husband for PR

30, Technician


– PR Application approved in September 2022

“I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Alya who assisted us in the submission of our PR application. She had been a great moral support for almost the last 2months and she guided us sincerely and adequately in preparing necessary documents for PR application, as well as enlightened us on possible ways to increase chance of success. Due to her relentless hard work and super organised quality the complicated submission process of PR application felt so easy and seamless. Through this process we got the opportunity to meet someone like Alya who is responsible, kind, helpful. Apart from great professionalism, Alya also maintains a charming and humorous personality which gives the client a friendly feeling. In a nutshell it is a brief but memorable journey to sail through with Alya. Whatever the outcome of our PR application would be, we’ll always cherish this memory and will remain grateful to STI, especially Alya!!”

Shegufta Rahman (Bangladeshi)

48, Doctor


– PR application approved in July 2022

“I have been applying for PR for my wife a few times unsuccessfully, till I was recommended to STI. Josephine and Pearly are very professional and knowledgeable about the documents required for the application. It is totally different compared to what we had submitted by ourselves before we approached STI. It saves a lot of time. The process was smooth and hassle free. We are guided carefully with all questions answered. Thanks to STI , my wife is now a PR. Will recommend a friend who needs an application. Professional- 5 stars ⭐️ Time saving – 5 stars ⭐️ Hassle free – 5 stars ⭐”

Henry Ang, sponsored Taiwanese wife for PR

32, Homemaker


– PR application approved in November 2021

Alya was fantastic to deal with. Great attention to detail and very pleasant.”

Paul Greening (Australian)

43, Private Practice Lawyer


– Singapore Citizenship application approved in January 2023

I had a wonderful and heart warming experience working with Vivien, Priscilla and George on my Singapore Citizenship application submission process. Immigration Specialist Vivien responded timely to my queries, supporting documents are well organised to assist me smoothly in the submission process. She is very caring and understands the needs of clients in addressing challenging issues. Immigration Consultant Priscilla was very positive during my first visit and guided me to submit a fresh application for SC instead of appeal. She responded to my queries even during weekends and guided me throughout the submission process. Overall my experience with SG TOP Consultant Agency is very good and trustworthy. STRONGLY recommend anyone who is willing to apply for Singapore Citizenship and Permanent Residency status. Thank you.”

Vinoth Sugeetha (Indian)

43, IT Regional Sales Manager


– PR application approved in December 2022

“I got my Singapore PR approved in December 2022 through Singapore Top Immigration (STI). Thanks Josephine (my specialist) and Jasmine (consultant) for their professional and meticulous process to prepare the application. They have been helpful and responsive. I would gladly recommend them!”

Lee Poh King (Malaysian)

33, Assistant Area Manager


– PR application approved in December 2022

“Vivien and Priscilla did a great job advising me and keeping me on track for a successful application. Thanks!”

Markus Olson (Austrian)

42, APAC Marketing Strategy and Operation Leader


– Singapore Citizenship application approved in November 2022

“My Daughter and my Singapore Citizenship application with Singapore Top Immigration was very smooth. They will guide you and assist you thoroughly with your application. Our Consultant Ms Priscilla explained the necessary things that we need to work it out. I’m very thankful as well for our specialist Ms Josephine for giving her best to assist me and guide me throughout the process. Thank you Ms Priscilla & Ms Josephine for being extremely supportive during the process. I highly recommend them.”

Srijaya Lakshmi (Indian)

47, Vice President of a local bank


– PR application approved in September 2022

“I approached STI for a PR citizenship application and my consultant Grace guided and explained to me how they work and encouraged me to give it a try. I am more than happy with the service of STI with its level of transparency and professionalism. My specialist Daren was very meticulous and paid attention to every minute detail during the application process by arranging documents in an ordered way. The whole process was easy with a good cover letter and other explanations added in application which would have been missed otherwise. Once again thanks to Daren and Grace for all your help!”

Chandra Sukuraman (Indian)

48 , Head of IT 


– PR application approved in August 2022

“Had a very smooth experience with STI for our PR application. Our specialist, Vivien and our consultant, Priscilla were very thorough in explaining the process and requirements. Vivien was great with her follow ups and made sure to gather all the documents that would help our case. They gave very practical and realistic advice. No fake promises or hard selling, which we absolutely appreciate. While no one ever has any control on the outcome of the application. But now thanks to Vivien and Priscilla of STI, we are at least fully satisfied with the outcome of the as our PR application has finally been approved. Highly recommend STI for a smooth and hassle free process.”

Anamika Baniraj (Indian)

35 , Account Executive


– PR application approved in August 2022

“At first we were very confused regarding consulting an agency for our PR Application. But our view changed when we met our consultant Priscilla. She was friendly, knowledgeable and explained everything in detail and made us feel at ease with the process.A special thanks to our specialist Josephine. She was very supportive, understanding and patient. Whenever we had queries, she was prompt and quick in response. It was a great experience with Singapore Top Immigration especially with Josephine and Priscilla. We would highly recommend Priscilla and Josephine! Thank you for your hard work. Well deserved 5 stars to both of them and Singapore Top Immigration!”

Caroline Mardoza (Filipino)

30, Retail Manager


– PR application approved in September 2022

“I just got my PR approved! My experience with STI for my PR application was very pleasant and smooth. Josephine was my STI expert. She was very helpful and guided me very well through the preparation of all the documents needed for the PR application. She explained clearly all important things to take note of. She checked in with me frequently to ensure everything was on track and the documents were prepared correctly. Big thanks to Jasmine, also a very helpful person. I highly recommend STI. The whole experience with STI makes me feel hopeful for my PR application outcome. Huge thanks to STI for their time and effort.”

Sew Jia Wei (Malaysian)

28, Motion Graphic Designer


– PR application approved in August 2022  

“Great experience! Great Communication!
Josephine (as my specialist) and Priscilla (as my consultant) helped me a lot to figure out the process of PR application. Josephine guided me on how to prepare all documents by communicating effectively not only via e-mail but also via whatsapp at any time and Pricilla tried to explain to me the details of the PR application at the beginning of the process. STI would be your best choice to help you to apply PR in Singapore. Thank you so much for all your professional work.”

Woo Ah Ram Danny (Malaysian)

41, Senior Finance Manager


– PR application approved in June 2022  

“Glad to engage Singapore Top Immigration for our daughter’s PR application. The consultant was well versed in the process and guided throughout the process. One year after the submission, my daughter’s PR application was approved. It is highly recommended to engage their services.”

Yarzar (Burmese)

45, Mechanical Engineer – sponsored daughter for PR


– Singapore Citizenship application approved in June 2022

“I’m very pleased with the arrangement and professionalism provided by Top Immigration. Special mention to my handling agent Ms Alya for her patience and speed in managing my documents. Always keeping me in the loop. I have also recommended a friend to use their service. Thank you Singapore Top Immigration.”

Ngoh Van Chang (Malaysian)

40, air-stewardess


– PR application approved in April 2022

“We had a great experience and received excellent professional service provided by a very friendly STI team. We are very grateful that my son’s PR application is finally approved. We really appreciate your service.”

Tet Htut Win (Burmese)

46 , Head Engineering – sponsored son for PR


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