Things to avoid in PR application

Things to Avoid in Singapore PR Application

The permanent Residence application rejection rate in Singapore is high due to common errors that are often neglected. So, learning the various areas of weaknesses that applicants have would increase your chances of approval. But if you are not confident enough doing it by yourself, then seeking help from experienced consultants in a PR Application is a better option.

Below are some tips that would guide you to secure a successful pr application.

Rushing the Process

Patience is one of the key factors in getting your application approved. Although it would only require a minimum of 6 months, waiting until you have worked in this country for a longer period would look more impressive.

Missing Documents

Applying for PR in Singapore requires a list of supporting documents such as a birth certificate, copies of employment pass, passport, professional immigration cover letter, and others. In order for you not to miss any of those necessary documents, get a checklist.

Incorrect Details

Because of numerous supporting papers needed for submission, accidents in providing inconsistent details or wrong information are possible. It can be a typographical error or misinterpretation of the intent behind the questions. Whatever it is, failure to provide the correct information counts as an error, and a simple mistake might get you rejected in the application. So, fill in the details in the form exactly as they are in your supporting papers. For instance, your birthdate as stated in your birth certificate should match the one on your form. And never forget to double-check if you have missed any significant information at the end.

Incomplete Data Entry

Attaching an incompatible format of document and/or leaving an incomplete field on your online PR application might seem like a minor detail but would play a negative impact. Just imagine going through all over again just because there’s one field left blank or a PNG format of your ID pic was attached instead of JPEG. See how much disappointment it would cause you. So, before going on an online application, first learn how to use the e-PR system accurately. Type in N/A for every field that is irrelevant to you to avoid non-acceptance in the system during submission.

Refusal of Assistance

The whole application process is lengthy, tricky, and risky. To prevent such a risk of major errors, engage in a Singapore PR Application Agency.

Inability to Express Your Strengths or Merits

There are questions that are difficult to answer which often lead them to answer the first thought that comes to their mind. But try to pause, gather your thoughts, and formulate a good answer that will clearly emphasize your strengths through the form.

Always remember, every simple mistake could make the difference between your application being accepted or rejected. Therefore, you must be extra careful when filling out all the paperwork and align yourself with the guidelines.

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