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The best time to apply for Singapore PR (2021)

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in ongoing lockdowns and travel restrictions worldwide, a big concern for people hoping to settle down in Singapore is whether now is a good time to apply for permanent residence in Singapore? The truth is that Singapore continues to accept Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) applications, which means that the best time for you to apply is right now. In this blog, we help you understand the benefits of filing your application even during the pandemic, as well as some factors that affect your chances of approval.

#1 Continued processing of Singapore PR applications

About 31,700 people have been granted Singapore PR status each year for the past five years; this means that accepted Singapore PRs remain at a steady number, and will likely continue to be so in 2021. Foreigners bring a range of skills and expertise to the country’s workforce that is highly valued by Singapore, as it anchors industries as well as sustains a wide range of jobs. Immigration also helps to keep Singapore’s population stable in the long term, moderating the country’s low birth rates and ageing population. As such, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) continue to process applications amid uncertain times. 

#2 Getting your results early

You should note that the length of time needed to process your application has increased as government resources are spread to manage the effects of the pandemic on the country. It is all the more important that you start your application early to attain Singapore PR status as soon as possible or, if rejected, begin your appeal. Regardless, you can rest assured that your application will be reviewed and considered for approval by the ICA. 

#3 Fewer Singapore PR applications

The pandemic has unfortunately resulted in the sharpest drop in employment in Singapore over the past 20 years. While it is unfavourable that there are currently fewer foreigners holding jobs in Singapore, it also means that there are also fewer people applying for Singapore PR. With the steady quota for Singapore PRs and the fall in applications, your application stands a greater chance of being approved. Make the most of this opportunity by evaluating your chances for PR eligibility now!

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#4 Industry plays an important factor

There are specific industries in Singapore that benefit from highly skilled professionals supplementing and supporting these areas of the workforce, such as fast-growing information and communications industries. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with an ageing population and aspirations for better quality healthcare, has also created a demand for more healthcare professionals that is predicted to increase in the coming years. Should you be working in such industries, there is an increased possibility that your Singapore PR application will be approved. 

Altogether, for the first time in a long while, out of the rising trend of Singapore PR applications, fewer people are applying for this coveted status in the country. Meanwhile, the number of applications being approved continues to remain steady, providing you with a ripe opportunity to start your PR application process and boost your chances of securing PR status. 

Besides, many factors come into play to determine whether your application will be successful, such as your qualifications, length of stay, contributions and integration into Singapore society – which is why it is a good idea to engage a trusted Singapore PR application agency to help you build a stronger profile today. 

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