Singapore PR Process Has Been Rejected

What You Can Do Now That The Singapore PR Process Has Been Rejected

In the wake of reading the rejection letter from ICA, most people would simply go home and give up on their dream of moving to Singapore. But even though you’ve been rejected in your PR application Singapore, it doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Here’s what you can do to move forward with your plan of building a career and living in this beautiful and progressive country.

Submitting an Appeal

If you are eager to be a permanent resident in Singapore, you can always submit a one time PR appeal within 6 months from the date mentioned on the rejection letter but best recommended to submit within 3 months.

So what’s the best approach to make an appeal requesting the ICA to reconsider their decision?

Drafting an appeal letter will not be easy but if it is done properly, it will be effective. The first step in drafting a good appeal letter is making sure the content of the letter covers the gaps in the profile. For example, if you were appealing against the decision due to low economical contribution, then the appeal letter must clearly explain why you feel the decision made was unjustified.

Analyse Your Options

The process of appealing against PR is very complex, time-consuming, requires substantial knowledge and understanding of the PR application process and PR laws. As a result, an experienced PR consultant can be a huge asset to help in the appeal process.

In addition, the PR application agency may be able to prepare the appeal for you in order to reduce the workload on your part. Plus, they will be able to submit within the given time frame. You know for certain that the appeal time is kind of tight.

Otherwise, if you plan to appeal by yourself, you will have to submit your appeal letter to the ICA through email. However, the chances of getting another rejection could be high.

If you prefer reapplication, you have to wait 6 months later

If you opt for an appeal, you can appeal within 6 months. But hot period is within 2 months from the date of rejection.

Engage a Reliable Immigration Agency to Assist You

Seeking professional help from a trusted PR application agency will ensure that you are given a fair and accurate evaluation of your case.

A good immigration agency will have years of experience working with applicants and will know all the tricks and traps of the system and how best to get a positive result. They will know who to contact for any type of assistance, and they will also be able to help you avoid making costly mistakes.


When you face a Singapore PR rejection, it’s understandable if you feel a little depressed or confused about what or why it happened. But don’t give up. You have these three immediate actions to consider.

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