PR Agent Application

Why Do You Need to Hire a PR Application Agency?

Permanent Residence (PR) or Citizenship Application in Singapore can be daunting, especially after several rejections. Even thinking about where and how to begin the application process or the filing for a PR Appeal may seem confusing. But with the help of a Singapore PR Application Agency, the procedure can get seamless and the chances of the approval rate are high.

Non-residents can acquire the status of PR in the country with the help of PR specialists in Singapore PR application agencies. They can provide legal services and advice in terms of immigration law as authorized by legislation.

What are the Cons of Applying Without a PR Agent?

  1. Increased Rejection Rate

Only around 30,000 PR slots are being opened each year. With the increasing demand, how likely will your application be approved or rejected?

  1. Unverified Document Submission

With the overwhelming number of forms that need to be filled out and several documents that need to be attached, only one incorrect detail can gray out your chance of approval.

  1. Failure to Highlight the Qualities that Stand Out

The demand in SPR Status is as high as the benefits one will be enjoying as a citizen or resident in Singapore. This has led to tight competition among a highly capable pool of candidates. How will you use your unique identity to improve your probability of grant?

What are the Pros of Hiring a PR Agent?

  1. Thorough Assessment

APR specialist will be able to analyze your eligibility and assess your chances of becoming a permanent resident. After the assessment, you will be informed which application scheme best suits your current situation and all the necessary procedures you need to follow.

  1. Streamlined Process and Timely Submission

Since all applications have to be submitted online through the e-PR system, you are only given seven (7) days to complete the application. Failing to comply within the limited time frame may result in rejection. With the help of a PR specialist, you will be guided in the whole process from start to finish. The following responsibilities will be covered:

  • Arrange and audit the necessary paperwork to ensure all the details are accurate.
  • Suggest any supplementary documents that will boost your application.
  • Secure that all of the requirements are intact upon submission and nothing is left to the last minute.
  1. Bespoke Cover Letter

Your birth certificate, scholastic certificate, and paycheck stubs will not define your personal qualities that make you an ideal candidate which ICA is looking for. That is why a cover letter can provide reinforcement in your application. Writing a personalized cover letter can be difficult; however, an immigration writer can help you to give emphasis on the following:

  • Your intent or interests in applying
  • Your qualifications and relevant skills
  • Your best character that can blend in the society
  • Your societal contributions


Doing the application yourself is possible but it’s entirely tedious and lengthy. So, to free yourself from any undue stress, engage with a PR Application Agency. It will definitely save you time, energy, and resources. Plus, you will get tips on how to raise your approval rate in Singapore.

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