Singapore PR for Your Child

Why Should You Apply Singapore PR for Your Child?

Singapore is considered one of the most livable city in the world. You’d love your kids to enjoy the lifestyle in the country. So, why not apply PR for your children now?

Lion City’s reputation for being a safe and family-friendly country is well established. This is the reason why parents from every corner of the globe flock to send their children to schools in this country.

But apart from that, below are the other benefits your child will enjoy once the PR status is attained.

1. High-quality Education System at Lower Fees

As you may know, Singapore is a place where high education standards are maintained. But along with it comes a hefty price, especially for foreign kids.

Affordable Childcare Education Centres

As a parent, you should not have to choose between affordability and quality. With that, you are given two options:

  • Ministry of Education (MOE) kindergartens
  • Preschool anchor operators

Parents who choose the first option, the MOE kindergarten, will not only find that they are paying $320/month for four-hour programmes only, but the centres are also of a high standard.

Parents who choose the second option, the preschool anchor operator, on the other hand, will get financial support in the form of subsidies and government grants. You have many choices when it comes to affordable early childhood education centres under this scheme. Most of the preschools that parents can choose from are run by independent operators, so parents can be sure that their child will receive the same level of education as they would in a government-run preschool.

Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary School Education and University

If you’re concerned about the succeeding years of education for your child, the government is still ready to help you. There will be a significant amount of tuition grants with approximately up to 72% less in primary schools, an estimated 69% less in secondary education, 50% less for post-secondary, and 34% less in school fees for university.

If you want to learn more about this, your PR application agency will be able to discuss it further for you.

2. Better Opportunity to Enrol in Your Preferred Public School

Unlike International students, children who are Singapore PR are eligible to register for a primary public school they prefer, same as Singapore Citizens.

Moreover, when you apply for Singapore PR, you will also be given the opportunity to choose a school that is closer to home. If there are only limited slots available, admission will be given priority to permanent residents and citizens. This privilege will help you save travel expenses.

Not only that. If your child is studying in a public primary school in Singapore, your subsequent children will be guaranteed to get a place in the same school.

3. Reduced Medical Expenses

The medical assistance that the Singapore government offers to its citizens is second to none. Singaporean citizens and permanent residents are covered by a healthcare system that is among the best in the world.

You are entitled to subsidies from the Singapore government and insurance schemes which is managed by the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

The insurance schemes include basic coverage under MediShield Life to assist with large hospital bills and specified outpatient treatments in public hospitals. This means that if you qualify for any of these, you can save a lot of money.

4. Smoother Citizenship Application in the Future

A PR grant provides an easier route for your children to acquire citizenship in the future. But just like the other applications, there are still other factors that would affect the results when they apply Singapore citizen just like their track record, good character, investments or social contributions and financial capability.


Singapore PR is an excellent choice for both parents and children as it allows your child to experience the same benefits as the local residents.

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