How to Write a Singapore PR Appeal Letter to ICA

How to Write a Singapore PR Appeal Letter to ICA?

Was your Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship application has been denied recently? You’ve come to the right place if you’re thinking of filing a PR appeal after the rejection.

Read on to learn more about what you will need to know and some advice for writing a successful appeal letter.

Why do you need to submit an appeal?

When your application for permanent residency is denied, you have the option of filing an appeal to ask the ICA officers to change their minds. Although it won’t hurt to attempt, it is important to keep in mind that being appealing does not guarantee a positive outcome.

When you receive a PR rejection letter, it is crucial to carefully weigh your alternatives because, if your appeal letter to ICA is rejected, the appeals procedure will impede future attempts to apply for Singapore permanent residency. It is recommended that you refrain from filing an appeal unless your PR application’s conditions have materially changed since your first application was processed.

How to Write a Singapore PR Appeal Letter to ICA

Tips To Write Appeal for PR

Making a strong appeal letter that could overcome the ICA’s decision to deny your PR application is not an easy task. When you have significantly changed your profile or when some important profile elements were not disclosed in the application itself, it is strongly advised that you file an appeal.

The purpose of the appeal letter to ICA would be quite clear:

  • Why did you think that your application for Singapore PR or citizenship was unfairly denied?
  • How might the considerable adjustments you have undergone make you a stronger candidate for Singapore?

You can also use the following additional advice to strengthen your Singapore PR appeal:

  • Your letter should begin by mentioning any noteworthy changes to your profile that have occurred since you submitted your initial application.
  • A significant pay raise, a recent promotion, or a success at work to demonstrate your valuable contribution
  • Any qualifications in your resume that stand out should be added to the appeal letter.
  • Being recently married to a Singapore PR or Singaporean or having a newborn child demonstrates your strong ties to Singapore.
  • Your letter and email of appeal should be at most 1 or max 1.5 pages. Remember that this is not a cover letter. There is only one thing you need to do: specify why you think ICA should change its mind.
  • More substantial social integration efforts into Singaporean society.
  • Do not make any errors when listing all accomplishments, efforts at social integration, etc. in the letter.

These factors demonstrate your financial contributions and commitment to staying in Singapore. In your letter of appeal to the ICA, you must explicitly describe these significant modifications. It is crucial to include these extra papers and details to back up your appeal.

The better option may be to submit a new PR or citizenship application if none of these factors applies to you.

It is advisable to analyze and appraise the strength of your profile before putting together a new PR or citizenship application

Other Factors to Consider

Examine whether there is a chance to submit additional papers that could support your next application or your appeal. Do you wish to try an appeal, or would you rather save time (albeit it is more expensive) by submitting a new PR application at the next window?


The alternative for applicants to ask ICA to reconsider their decision is to submit an appeal letter. However, it must be used with caution, and you must also draft an appeal letter that is crystal clear and to the point.

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